Sunday, January 9, 2011

Car Wash

did a car wash to Ipsum and Kelisa.. 4 hot chicks washing the cars, our car must be very VERY lucky. ahahah! while washing Ipsum , Jirou, my super white cat managed to escape from his cage
because Adriene didnt close it properly! pffffft

i just realized he was so freaking white and superbly handsome. yes. even a cat can be handsome but not monkeys or cows etc. i love my mum sambal tempe, if u have no idea what is that. heres what i got when i googled it

my friend is looking for somebody to love <-- JB's song pffft. so i was thinking, if we are looking for someone special, do we need to look for it or just wait somebody to poof in front of u. what if we search and search but cant seem to find someone to trip in front of u
i guess u have no luck
i think
idk. im no Dr. Love

wassup with that particular guys who hate JB. okay, maybe if im a guy, i'll hate JB too i think. but why would u want somebody else to be like u, to hate JB. sometimes it pissed me off, sometimes it can be a laugh. im pretty sure most guy wants this and waited for this
this is the trick HE's been doing. im so no good in imposing a picture. do i look like one? but he does right? ahaha sorry peeps. sorry to disappoint u guys, i just
i just
love JB