Friday, January 7, 2011

Curry Mee

mum cooked curry mee yesterday. and she cooked it like super a LOT A LOT. so it last for 1 and half day. LOL. yesterday when we eat it, we went ohhhh ahhhhh. today we are more likely ekkkk gulp.. ahahah

well this is not mum curry mee. but wth. idgad. ahaaaa~

i was messaging Sweets on the afternoon, we were playing a game. he asked me to think of something and he's going to give the answer after i've answer 25questions from him (regarding the thing in my head). i got knocked out after several questions. LOL. it was a bit boring because u are answering questions. AHA! but i love the game because he didnt get to answer. LOL.
that was the thing in my head
while googling about psp, i found a piece from heaven!
i almost got Adriene to buy thisssss.grrrrr but Dad wants the black one

had mamak for dinner. i love mamak food! i dont care how frigging oily there are, i'll continue loving it. fyi, my mamak is not that oily. maybe ur mamak is super oily :P