Wednesday, January 5, 2011

He Cooks

went to Post Office with mum to order pictures of dad getting an award from the King. this is our first time using the money post. it looks totally like a check.

i kindly cut back all the beads in my bag and re-sewing it again just to waste my time. LOL. nayh! to make it look better and neater. i can now be called as a pro now in beading 
LMAO *brags*
im still thinking. what else should i beads on my bag.. maybe i should put my initials.
and AY

i planned to skip my lunch but failed. mum disallowed me to have bread and forced asked me to have rice. AHA! so i went
nom Nom NOM
rice+fish curry

Sweets made lempeng during tea time. he called RING and asked me a  recipe of it
lempeng recipe

ahahhaa.lempeng is like pancakes but without eggs and milk. its totally molly easy to make. u dont need recipe for it. but i'll put the recipe here, on my blog. for sweets. AHA

its been 13 days. imy