Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Dont Speak...

went to the groceries store in the morning with Ali.the chinese lady speaks chinese with me. i was buying ONIONS. mum wanted 1kg and estimated it around 15 onions. so i took 15+ onions.
hand it to the lady
she speaks and speaks in chinese which im darn excited lazy to say 'i dont speak chinese'
i just nod and NOD and NOD
didnt give a damn how many kilos the onions are and how much i should pay
but im very sure its below RM10, what type of onions that will cost more than RM10

the same situation happened in JUSCO, i was buying groceries with Mum. then this promoter talk like super fast chinese. i did my blur face. and replied
i dont speak chinese, sorry
and smile
then she didnt reply me back. sheshh! do i look like im kidding.. 

thats me with dad's police. i was on my way to GIANT to buy some stuffs. i bought a hippo and its for SWEETS! and and i bought a set of toothbrush. there was 3 colour; PINK, LIME GREEN and BLUE. i asked sweets to help me in choosing (the lime green is too limey..yucky~) finally, we chose BLUE!

him: why hippo?
me: because its cute!
him: hippos is cute??
me: my hippo is cute. hee~~~