Monday, January 3, 2011

Justine Blurblur

im having this..ermm..manaddiction on JB and someone special of mine doesnt like JB 
like super tick CROSS OUT
super SCRATCH the hell out of him
we almost get into a fight because of this JB stuffs. what the fish right. a friend of mine keep on saying
im trying to save u
ahaha.thank you very much for helping but u cant do much. its like a celeb crush. it goes away after a while.
hope its a while
hee! JOKING sweets *wink*

mum cooked spaghetti bologna. its super delicious and i really wish Sweets can taste my mum's spaghetti. hee! well, to be exact its me and Allie's spaghetti. we cooked it. 

that MILO is bought by Adriene. it cost her rm1 in her school. bloody cheap. if u buy it elsewhere, it will cost rm2.