Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas was AWESOME

i finally had a Christmas eve dinner (after so long) with the rest of the Quah family (my father side). last year we didnt gather because my dad was in Lebanon doing his UN mission. it was FANTASTIC because the whole family was there; uncle vincent's, uncle sunny's, uncle louis's and aunt v's family. 
my big-enough FAMILIA
first thing i do when i meet my cousins is HUG THEM~ i love hugging people. however, not everyone is comfortable with hugging. i know a person, her name is FIE! :P ok, back to the topic, which is HUGGING. by hugging people, we simply imply that we care about them and they are always in our mind. well, not in the dirtiest way ur mind can hugging people is easy peasy~~ just bring ur body or do a 'pre-hug' gesture to start a hug so people know u are going to hug them in a sec!
hug people to show u love them
hug people to show u care about them

my mum made the best roast turkey ever! n i just knew that a frozen turkey needs 3 days to defrost. 
3 bleddy days
yeah. with the E not O. BLEDDY
learn that from the current book that i am reading *got it as a christmas present*
mum used Jamie Oliver's recipe. i think it was the best roast turkey or something with the Best word. cant really remember. it was seriouslyshit the best roast turkey i have ever taste. i have tasted uncle vincent's and aunty v's but mum's one managed to nail it! so i would like to recommend Jamie's recipe if u are a beginner for roasting a turkey.

on christmas morning, i received a gift. wrapped in green and red ribbon. in front of my house door
impeccably clean
on the floor

i was extremely shocked and i know its from Sweets. who else could have done all the sweetest things to me except him. i didnt expect anything from him at all, so it was a complete surprise.

the menu on christmas eve was 2 huge roasted turkey and a whole salmon as big as a effing cat can be. LOL. we have around 25 people, so the food is more than enough. we have a lot of leftovers. there was several dessert; blackberry+strawberry+spices, pudding, vienetta ice cream and soo-ee or tang yuen (chinese sweetness). this will be the approximated portion for 25 people. 

dad with uncle JB
EFF YEAH JB!!! u know.. justin bieber. LOL. nayhh.. its john baptist

soo-ee or tang yuan
i love this to the max because its super sweet!

and thats STINKY BEAUTIFUL aka FIE (fyi,the left one is me)
shes my bestie for the year! i never had a bestie for quite a long time. its very hard to find one anyway. therefore, once i get one, i will treasure it *wink*

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Apology Fie

today is the day i went for my SECOND trip to petroscience KLCC, Malaysia. the first one was a very long time ago, went there with my sisters n uncle vincent's family. ticket is quite cheap, for adult is rm15, youth(around 12-18) rm10 while children is rm5. 
really reasonable. i know

we waited for the dark ride for 30 bloody minutes. it was a very long wait. n we didnt go for the flight or helicopter simulator because they said we have to wait till 5pm, when that time was at 3.30pm. i mean WHAT THE HECK. u want us to waste our time waiting like we are not breathing ( living things )?? ridiculous.

i was suppose to go and see my bestie's last floorball game at 6pm. effie is not replying me until now. im afraid shes absolutely mad or disappointed with me. idk. my sis lost her purse in petroscience. so i didnt get to see effie's game because of that. we went to the police station, so kinda waste our time there. 
i am truly sorry fie
i was suppose to see ur game
i hope u scored a goal, in replaced of mine inexistence 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Post from my Compaq

ahahaha.. if u realized, i have been updating my blog using my ipad. but right now, i am using my all MIGHTY Compaq Presario C700
my first laptop
it was given from my dad after my SPM. i was shocked actually because i didnt expect my dad to surprise me with a laptop that time. it was right after my last paper. 
enough about my lappytop. this blog should be about ME. AHA~~

im still thinking on taking a part time job because i really could use some money. hehe.. actually, i really really want to experience working. i never work in my whole life before. eventhough i have done my practical or industrial training or in-plant training, i can pretty much conclude it wasnt really a working experience for me. sad. i know. *sigh*

christmas is just around the corner. i cant wait to celebrate it with my big family. i just miss the moment where we gather and open our present in front of the christmas tree. even i am a muslim, my family is muslim but we have a family who celebrates Christmas. so we joined them and they join us during the Raya celebration as well. all we do is gather, eat together and getting present. we dont really go to church or do anything religiously related stuff.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

End of Semester 5

Only one paper left to get out from Semester 5!! I cant believe its final year, i cant wait to graduate. Aha!

I went through all my pictures and i realized i have lose weight like a lot
Like seriously A LOT
Im not sure why, maybe its the stress level. I can pretty much conclude that the rate of stress is kinda proportional to the study year. Or during my in-plant training, i eat less because i was in a different environment where i work, eat less and sleep early.

Its not that i regret i have lose weight(obviously no). Just happy that i did look smaller and thinner eventhough i know i am not healthy. Is this the correct feeling? Idk. I like my body right now, its just so thin till i like it. LOL. Well, the cons will be. Most of my jeans is way to big for me.
Thats just suck
U can literally pull down without opening the zip or button. Luckily i have quite a few skinny jeans, so they r still wearable. LOL

I didnt study properly for today's paper. Only god knows why. But still i can answer the questions. *grateful* I think because it is a short semester where all the things u have learned is still fresh in ur head. It diminished slowly but not just yet untill i cannot answer d question. What i want to share is,
Believe in yourself
That u can make it out if u have faith in urself. I know it sounds bullshit but that just how it works on me :D