Monday, November 28, 2011

MGCC Award

Its been a very long time since my last post. Im in my final year so theres just so many things to do. *stressful*

I got the MGCC award!! Im so grateful to receive such an award because i wasnt expecting any award from GMI.

Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The award is given to those who is the highest achiever in their department, industrial electronics and production technology. So i got two awards! I was the highest in IE department for semester 3 and 4. My second year pretty much a good year for me :)

I received the awards during the convocation of my Sweets! Both of us went to the stage to receive something special in our life. Alhamdulillah

Currently, im doing my final year project(FYP) preparation. My FYP group will be doing a desalination machine which converts seawater to drinking water. I named my group SAGENHAFT, aha! Simply because its legendary in english. I want my team members to remember this moment where we did something 'legendary'. Hopefully it will be. Amin :)

"Everything is possible to him who believes"

Besides that, i want to let out something here since its my blog. LOL. I feel like i've been doing all the work among my teammates. However, when i think back, this is actually what i have chose. I choose to do almost everything because.. I dont know. No one is forcing me to do all those work. I guess i know in the end, i will be the one editting all the stuffs and thats going to put more pressure than i have right now. On top of that, i will surely feel good after it's done because its my work. The feeling of satisfaction is higher that way LOL

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Greyson Chance Concert

And its my first concert. And i went with ASH, my awesome cuzzy! LOL. I never thought of going to the concert because... For god sake, He is greyson!!i only know Waiting Outside The Line and Unfriend You. But the concert was fab. I underestimated his looks and talent.

bloody hell he is good.he can sings live well
He is just 14years old but his looks r matured. DAMN! He is tall and cute! Omaigodd.... *faints*

sadly, i didnt lose my voice. V arrived KL Life Centre around 3+pm. N theres so many things happened on that day.
FIRST we almost got killed by the cows on road. Lol. We need to cross the streets to buy lunch, so the cows are like having an adrenaline rush. Speeding like no one's business.
SECONDLY we qued or u can call STAND n WAIT for like freaking 5 hours and the performance is ONLY 1 hour

tell me i AM out of my mind
THIRDLYi will call this moment the sickening moment. While on que, theres this crew on top are chucking poster of greyson. The problem here is, we are at the perfect location or guaranteed location to get the poster. Naughty guy. LOL. So everyone turns like a total maniac, crushing us like they are the crushing machine. Ahahaha! But it was all good. No one got hurt. n Ash got a poster, n i think it was me who brings her luck. Lol
FOURTHLYwe are among the earliest one to get into the hall. We got a great standing place where we can see crystal clear greyson chance performance.
FIFTHLYbefore greyson appear on stage,they played JUSTIN BIEBER MISTLETOE song!!! Omg omg omg. Imagine, i was sitting at first, waiting for the concert to begin. N i was so sleepy that time bcz i slept at 4am,the previous night. When i heard its JB, i abruptly stand up n start singing n dancing! This stuff is LEGIT xD they even played selena gomez songs, the wanted etc etc
SIXTHLYi felt like a dinosour there bcz im 20 and im in a 14-17years old club. LOL they are like freaking die hard fans. I wonder how justin bieber concert will be :D however, one girl askd me my age and she and her friends guessed that i am 14 or 16. Aha! Thats the feel-good-moment. Ahaha.
SEVENTHLYapparently a girl bside me is holding a poster saying I LOVE GREYSON CHANCE. So when greyson saw that, he was like staring at the angle where u think he stare at you. Lol. Seriously, i thinks he looked at me and give me a very cute sickening smile. *screams and faints* he is so frigging cute!! Dammit!

a phrase i catch from one of the die hard fans. LETs RUN AND SCREAM!! (so she n her frens run n scream heading upstairs to c greyson) ahahah thats just cute. And one more I SAY GREYSON, U SAY CHANCE! GREYSON! (crowd say CHANCE!) and those phrase is from the same girl. Nice..

We actually got free tickets! At first, we were supposed to redeem our ticket but BUT someone told us we need to go to level 2 to redeem it. So we went there n meet this a crew with spec on. We asked him. And he said we hav to redeem downstairs at 6.30pm. So im like ok, sorry to disturb u in a cheerful way u can imagine. Then he gave us a pair of tickets! AWESOMENESS! So we can start lining up with those who already hav their tickets! Thats y we are among the earliest one to enter the hall. Aha! May god bless that guy!!

I never regret going to his concert eventhou my intention is just to make Ash happy bcz she got no one to accompany her. I even have a briefing to attend to but they inform me late so..for me its not fair for Ash. A promise is a promise.

The briefing is regarding me getting an award *screams* a MGCC award. Only god knows what is that. Ahaaaaa. Ok, I joke. I am so surprised and grateful to know this from ms jamilah, my head of department. It is an honour to receive such a great award from my insititute. *blissful*

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