Sunday, October 30, 2011

Same Same but Different

where to find Hello Kitty merchandise in Malaysia? Ahaaaaa.. Original from SanRio, u can find it in Isetan,KLCC. I also saw Vans version of hello kitty.

Last Wednesday, the ELC had a gathering in Starbucks KLCC. We discussed our next event and finally chose Together As One. I know, it's a choral speaking and the theme is religion. AHA! Whatever it is, that's our next event.

On Thursday night, I watched a German movie titled Same Same but Different. I really enjoy the movie. It was the most romantic movie ever,well for me. I love how the guy show his love to this Cambodian girl. That's just super sweet of him. And astonishingly, it's a true story. Bloody hell. I know. I would recommend, fellow of the world wide web to watch this movie. I guarantee u won't regret buying or download the movie.

i love the movie soundtracks!

The sad part is I'm still struggling with my Final Year Project, individual proposal. I don't know where and how to start. I just wish I get a boost out of nowhere and that's when I'm gonna start with my proposal.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Final Year Project(FYP) Supervisor

Today i get to know my supervisor for my FYP which is Mr. Hakim. We have no idea who the hell he is. He is quite new in GMI. The best part is

he is awesome
Ahahaha. Well, i am very confident with him because he was once a consultant. Engineer consultant.

like. What the hell??
This is what we want. Free consultation for our project! This is just so prefect. Alhamdulillah. At first when we got him, we went

who the hell is this guy

how is he like

My ankle is still a little bit swollen. The tournament is tomorrow. I guess i cant enter it. WARGHHHH!! Im so dissapointed with myself. I thought i can play with my team. Sorry JIEHA AND NANA. They really thought im going to play with them. Haihhhhhh!

everything happens for a reason

I dont really get the reason. Hmph

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Netball After 2/3 Years

I was once a Wing Defence in my high school netball team. Im either a Wing Attack or Wing Defence. So i stopped playing when i am in Form 5/ 17 years old because i have a big test; SPM. the greatest achievement is i get to represent Zon A(if not mistaken) in sarawak. We got a very very good coach and we even have..what do i call this person.. He is like a psychologist or motivator, whatever u call it. Hehe..

So i played today. And i sprained my ankle. It was bloody painful and quite shocking because its been a very VERY long time i didnt injured myself. If u ever facing this situation, always, ALWAYS remember to put ice, cold treatment. Then after an hour u can start with the hot treatment where u put hot ointment and so on. Thanks to my personal nurse who gave me free consultation. Aha!

Im really into netball, some sort like a passion to me. Well, once a passion. Why netball is fun? Hmmm..i would say, theres a lot of do's and dont's. Aha!

I just entered my final year and now ONLY i started playing netball. My mum is going to kill me if i spend too much time on it. Hahaha! No doubt. I dont know if i made a mistake by going to the court but i had fun just now.

i've jump like i never jump before

i run like i never run before

i got tired like i never experince tired before
It was fun.. K, i have to continue with my hot treatment to my ankle. Wish me well :D

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Semester 5 GMI

I am a semester 5 student today! Yippee! It's my final year! I'm so in a mixed feelings for final year project. Got my result for my sem 4, my cgpa increased. The problem is...I said to my mum that my cgpa decreased bcz I forgot my previous cgpa

The best part is, she told me to focus more and it is not the time to play or mess around. And AND reduce my 'dating' time with sweetness.ahaha!

but what if I told her the other way around?
Mummy, what if my cgpa is not decrease but increase?! :D well, will she tell me the same advice..hmm mm

Sweets just bloody prank me by telling me he's Darwin from PIC semester 2 and a big fan of me and ask me for a lunch together tomorrow. I fell for it. Well, I didn't fall for it at FIRST. I know it's sweets. But when he said he is a member of elc and a junior from semester 2, my mind went

I started to feel that the person is really is Darwin, a junior of mine and is a member of elc. So I'm like I am soooo sorry, I thought u are my boyfriend bcz I called him just now and he didn't answer.
And he played along by saying, I heard u are the president and top student and he is a big fan of mine. And ask me for a lunch.
So I said I can't because I have a boyfriend. Sorry
And he said I didn't know u r taken Yada Yada Yada....
I asked him where did he get my number,what is his father's name..

he said Singh
And that triggered EVERYTING. Ahahah! Bcz theres this guy named Dharween Singh in my fb that I exchanged comment when he said that, I knew sweets is pranking me!

sweetness sake

I just got punk'd! Damnnnnn he's good. He really sound like an Indian guy. I imagined an Indian guy, tall..gosh.. Bloody u boo :)

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