Sunday, September 25, 2011


My tto(technical training officer) from my institute will come and visit me on the 30th. I'm excited and I hope everything will be fine.

I'm 'currently' back to my old days where I used to do 60 sit-ups and 10 push-ups every night. This was taught by my taekwando master when I was in Puteri High School.

I felt so awesome
It's good to feel yourself awesome. Who else going to start calling yourself awesome if it doesn't start with you? ;) I believe by doing those exercise it can helps with my tummy. Hehehe. I don't know if it's going to work, but I believe it will. Aha!

Every time I feel uncomfortable with myself, I do something for a change. Those exercise is one of the something. Sometimes I eat less or go for a jog. I used to jog, there's a big roundabout in front of my house and usually I jog for 6 rounds.

There are many things u might be doing if u feel uncomfortable with yourself. However, bear in mind, do 'something' that make yourself MORE comfortable. Not making it worst, for example;

Not doing anything
If u feel something is wrong or isn't right, u have to react to it. Not being pole where u didnt fall either side. Well, that doesn't sound like a good metaphor. Watever.

So react when something isn't right and always


feel good about yourself and be fabulous
Fabulosity of a person can be felt not just by the sight.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bloody SimCity

I hereby swear that I didn't mean to get addicted to SimCity. Gezzzz.... I should not download it at the very first place. Now I feel so regretful.

fellow earthlings
Please don't play SimCity. Ahahahaha! This is ridiculous. Telling people off not to play a bloody game that is so tempting and interesting. Nevertheless, I still stand with my statement.

don't play SimCity

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Chest Pain

I'm having problem to do my in-plant training report because I'm confused with the criteria needed in the report. Hmmm... I should ask my senior for example of report.

I'm having chest pain right now. Started in the morning, I feel a sharp pain below my neck when I inhale, especially when I inhale deeply. Do I need to go to the doctor? I don't feel like taking anymore MC, to many off days during my training. Don't want to left my log book empty.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011


I've been reading The Christmas Carol by Charles Darwin using iBooks. So I learnt a new word


Nowadays my weekdays sucks a lot because I'm working and I didn't have time to blog at night. I went to bed early on weekdays. I tumblr a lot since that doesn't consume much time as blogging

Oh, memorable shocking moment at work. The story went like this; I was on my way back from site to my office with my friend. So before crossing the zebra crossing, there's a group of guys walking towards us. So suddenly a guy walking towards me. And started to cross his leg while leaning against a pole and put his hand up and say

Guess how did I react? A hahaha. It was bloody hilarious but I didn't make a sound. I simply walk passed him, took his left side and keep on walking as if nothing happen. I heard his friends saying
Kenapa macam TU?

So here's a tip, maybe tips for guys who want to get to know a lady
Firstly, u don't ever do that. The above situation. You either get embarrassed or making yourself a fool in front of everybody.
Secondly, if u are too shy to talk to her. Give her a look. Make her realized that u are interested in knowing her. So she won't be shocked with your first Hi.
Thirdly, once u have given her the look. And u are sure she realized that u've been 'spying' on her. Now u can make yourself bump into her and say your first hi. But before u say hi, give her a smile THEN u say hi. Just a friendly smile. Make sure she saw your smile.

what am I? Ms-advisor?? Ahaha. I just wanted to share how guys should make their first move. That's all.

Lately I've been bitchy to Sweets. Maybe it's my hormones.
Thank god I'm a girl. I can blame my hormones. Ahahaha
My family went to Raya at his house last night. We had his mom's briyani. It was delicious. Sweets made his ever-famous-cupcakes. Everybody loves it. Hence, boo. Don't worry about your hospitality. Everything went great when there is you.