Tuesday, July 26, 2011

iPad 2 it is!!

As u all know, I've bought myself an ipad2. Tis will be the first post I write using my iPad.
Not interesting. Let's talk about something more interesting and informative.LoL

Currently I'm helping one of the senior technical specialist in my company to resolve an issue regarding the gas system. MEMC Ipoh is using silane gas for production. Very VERY few company use this gas in Malaysia.
I'm feeling lucky

Last Sunday I bought Sweets to one of the famous Chinese restaurant
It's not really a restaurant
More like a place where there are many hawkers selling their food. I ordered for him a weird looking dish.Ahahah
*drum roll*
Fried loh si fun

It's superquite mafan to use iPad to blog. I cant seem to put my text in the middle and color it!!! Watafak..
no wonder theres no flash in ipad
im using lappy now to edit my post..

Thursday, July 21, 2011

1st Apple Device

im currently DYING waiting for my Ipad 2 to arrive. its been 5 days and i ordered through apple store malaysia, online. on monday i did call Apple, to know if there's any stock for Ipad 2 and the lady said there is. however, when i check my item status, it was engraved in China yada yada yada in China.
so is it true if i engraved something on my Ipad 2, i have to wait longer than without engraving?
i guess so

today i learned about the Ultra Pure Water system where they treat the water till it becomes pure H2O. i learned the process a bit.lets talk something informative for my readers. ahaha. 

so if u are interested in buying an Ipad2 online, the process will be 5/6 days. the invoice i received is from singapore, which i dont know why. 

do i need to buy the smart cover? im thinking of the keyboard. wargh! i cant wait for it anymore!

Friday, July 15, 2011


im feeling all goofy. i dont know why. so today every man in my company reminds me of my dad. Mr Ragu slang and way of talking reminds me of daddy. the red puma shirt wore by Jeff reminds me of daddy's red puma t-shirt. listening to Gin talking hokkien reminds me of daddy also.

i miss my dad~~~ 
not because i wanted him to use his credit card to buy ipad 2 through apple store malaysia. something.
no no no AHA!

this week in-plant is about chemical. ahaaaa.. im just amazed by the engineer who design the chemical delivery machine (cdm). i would love to design one too. its just so interesting. besides that, the manual valve is in PINK color! so KAWAI~~~ well, not the whole valve, only the screw. AHAHA!

do you know erika quah is a belieber?
i have no idea why im so into JUSTIN BIEBER. hes just adorable. i love his song especially UP.
BIEBERENA? sounds like ribena.ehehehe
anywho. i love THEM! they look so cute together!!
adriene received a 3D justin bieber book as a gift from her friend. i had bieber attack (heart attack). 
i think im probably. maybe. exactly. a belieber. 
no doubt

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bersih La Sangat

im not taking sides. i know something wrong with the government, but we are peaceful now. why do u want to take that away?? al-jazeera said we are a democratic country, why arent we allow any demonstration? 
democracy = people's voice. i know
however, u have to know that the rally is called illegal rally. i know anything that is ILLEGAL is not good.ahahah! anyway, any rally that is going on today is ILLEGAL. the police only cares about the safety of the people because they found explosives and weapons somewhere in Perak. unless, they are heartless. i think the police wont care at all if there is a rally or not today.

i shall not talk much about it cause i dont want to get shoot by a sniper. hehe. but i do know that something is wrong with the government. but its already peaceful maaa.. hehe.

i want to have this baby!
i have reasons. its thinner than IPAD 2. powerful. the camera is much more better than IPAD 2. warghhhh!! 
why is it so hard to buy a gadget???
someone is trying hard to change my mind to ipad 2. do u think its going to work? keep on tracking to find out. AHA!

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Good Side

as mentioned my first week of in-plant training is BORING however when it comes to the second week
jeng jeng jeng
it gets better
reminds me of the gays issues in perezzie AHA!

so i want to share this. your in-plant training might go bad for the first week. when it comes to the second week, you are going to enjoy your training. one thing i know, every in-plant student should do this
look for a job
seek for it
smell it
dont go sit at the corner. waiting someone to let your face facing them. aha!

today i get free McD. someone in the department is treating us, a few people. i think its my luck to be one of them. the story went like this. i was in the office, jobless. so i went out to find Mr. Deva because if im jobless im going to find him and ask for a job. so luckily i saw him while passing the non-clean room. so i decided to tag along with him because im bored.

wore the jumpsuit to enter the Class 10k. follow Mr. Deva like im some sort of bodyguard. i have no choice but to stand like a pole and do nothing. i dont mind btw. AHA!
after leaving the Class 10k room, POOF~ we got invited to McD. at first, i declined because i thought only specific people is invited. but i went and joined them anyway.

im in dilemma in choosing between these two.. *long sigh*

ipad 2 is kinda cool. galaxy s2 is cool too.. gahh~~ which one should i buy??

Saturday, July 2, 2011

In-plant training; 1st Week

im doing my in-plant training in MEMC Ipoh; an american company. its a company that deals with semiconductor. FYI, the wafer in the chip of ur blackberry is made by MEMC.
my working days will be Monday till Friday. working hours is 800am-530pm.so far my first week. i will summarize it in one word
oh yeah. my supervisor got a project and its hard to handle because u need to know the company's thingy yada yada yada. so i tag with the other practical students from USM and MMU. they are Raymond and Kevin.
however, next monday they said there will be a new practical GIRL
YESH! finally a girl
in my department there is only a girl in it. then i came in. so there are TWO
next week is going to be THREE

everywhere i go, the majority of people around me will always be MALE. why? due to the course im taking; ENGINEERING. last wednesday, vendors from ROCKWELL automation came to MEMC. i took them to see the PLC panels. and one of the guy from UNITEN kajang/putrajaya. he was surprise of my course and asked why i chose it.
only god knows :)

my work is more like an engineer rather than technician. i know i said this a lot but it has to be spoken out A LOT of time. maybe because im a girl. hehehe. the guys in my department are kind and soft spoken. they are cool. no problem YET.
i just hope i get to fill up more in my log book because i need to handle a machine or device or equipment. if i keep supervising or become like a watcher, i wont be able to fill in my log book. unless....
i cheated

me and my sisters bought my mum a toaster. a KENWOOD toaster for her belated birthday present. the image above is the exact taoster that we bought for her! my mum loves KENWOOD and again, only god knows why. i think its a good brand. an expensive one too.