Monday, May 30, 2011

Internet Abuse & Harassment

hello earthlings, i am hereby to say that i am not that stupid or idiot or fcking dumbass or the fcktard to go to people's blogs and started to slander u with my URL link included
i am not HIM
there is a guy/girl who's been harassing me since last week. only god knows whats his/her problem or maybe a psychiatrist knows.

mrs. e with a link to my blog? seriously?? i am not that freaking a-hole to make myself look bad in public and i dont roll that way if i have problems with people.

u have problem with people, face that person. being anonymous or HIDING ur coward identity will not solve any problems. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pappa Rich After Uniten

me and Sweets went to PappaRich after my public speaking competition in UNITEN. the competition is crazy.. i have no idea how i managed to get to finals because my prepared speech wasnt a 10 to 15 minutes speech. im only prepared for 5 to 7 minutes speech. a bit fck up that time, however, thank god ms safrina came. so i ask what to add to make my speech at least 10minutes. so she gave me ideas, then off i go thinking the points and elaborations. its kinda sad she didnt hear my speech because i was talking about her. since her story the only story i could think of that time. 
anyway, who doesnt like ms safrina's stories anyway?
well, thats another issues(this is sooo her line)

so i get through finals, and i totally fck up for my impromptu speech.
does music affect students morality?
first, when i was given my time to think the points. a guy is giving his speech, so at one point i was distracted by it and was listening to the guy's speech. then i quickly get back on track on my thinking to concentrate on my topic.  

i sum this competition as an experience. the impromptu topic is much more challenging. and im still learning the language, English. so it is sooo hard to construct sentences just in a blink of an eye. but that will not kill my spirit to stop whatever i love to do which is deliver something to the people. 

PappaRich food is ssupernot that delicious and i think it will be a TOTALwaste of money to try the food there because the food is okay, eatable. its better to spend ur money on the char kuey teow by the roadside, u get what i mean. *evil laugh* we orderd curry laksa (RM8.90) and ipoh kuey teow soup (RM7.90). the curry laksa sambal paste is totally not the paste that u should mix with ur curry LOL i hated it. the ipoh kuey teow soup is salty and the taste of the chicken stock in the soup is less. 

however, the drinks is superb. so ur money will be worth spending on the drinks they have. they have from coffee to soya milk. my favourite is soya milk with coffee jelly

as u can see,theres a f*cktard f*cking my damn shoutbox. i guess he need a psychiatrist. serious inner-emotion problem here.

is that how u roll in this world? being anonymous and started defaming me? what did u get after u did that anyway? self satisfaction? im really sure u have serious problem of urself. seriously. get help. im not joking or to sound sarcastic, but really. u need help.

to get up in the morning, and realized what have u done to me. its just horrible. well,unless u r  heartless. even though it is sort of violation, im not going to the police to bring u down.

Friday, May 27, 2011


why do ppl go anonymous? is it
A) they are afraid to reveal themselves
B) they have plans to sabotage a person
C) they are shy people
D) none of the above

if u ask me, i would go for A and B. they probably have plans to ambush a person or to do a serious crime. want to sack me? i have no idea wat ur intentions are. find someone else that worth ur time.

who are we to judge other people?
who are we to say this and that to other people?
who are we to decide whats best for him or her?
just let God do his work


i just done transfering a few pictures from my Quincy Jr. to lappytop. then i saw this mouth-watering picture

omaigod... i want to go to The Mines and have these mouth watering snack... YUMMEH. it only cost around rm4.50 if not mistaken.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Firdaus, my Daddy

i want to publicize my greatest gratitude and love to my dad
firdaus quah
u are my light that shines my road
well mummy too 
u are my pillow when i needed one
im sleepy

he helped me with the speech and i extremely have no time to see Ms Adiba or Ms Safrina and ask for help. Daddy is the only person that can help me in the time like this and he's GREAT. i never thought that Daddy can be so much helpful in my speech.
seems like i underestimating my own father
bad girl bad girl what u gonna do
what u gonna do when im come for u

daddy before his flight to lebanon

and oh! greatest apology to those who already at the venue for the English Club Meeting. it was suppose to be at 8pm and i got back from helping Ms Saf with the English Day gifts so i arrived my room at 7.30pm. and i was so fucking extremely tired and i have headache and it was raining! 
i dont want to make myself worst since i have this headache
apology to the English Club Members for postponing the meeting last minutei know its my fault and hopefully u all will forgive for not giving my all as a president
hehe emo pulak

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kah Mun

first of all
HAPPY WESAK DAY to all Buddhist!

me and Sweets went window shopping and we had Beef Kebab at first. we were suppose to watch Fast 5 however there were so many earthlings lining for ticks so we changed our mind. AHA! the kebab was great, that was our second time to eat there. then we went to A&W to have float. 
just the float; root beer + vanilla ice cream

right after i passed the entrance, i glanced at a girl
and my mind said 'its kah mun'
yet i continue walking till im outside A&W because im not sure its her

me: i think thats my friend, kah mun
sweets: go and talk to her la
me: *stare at him*

i put my chin up; be brave.
stand in front of her
stare at her for a couple of secs
then said Kah Mun
then she said What the heck
probably she was so surprised to meet me
then started la the scene when a girl meet her long lost girlfriends
she stand up and we hug after a long time we didnt hug each other..awwwwww....

she was so happy to see me and i was super happy too to meet her. she called herself dumb for not seeing me in the A&W. well, i dont blame her, we kinda sit near the counter and she sit at the entrance. she just being nice... AHAH! she said its JODOH for us to meet. i like it when she use the word jodoh. its a malay word and its funny when she use it.
we hug so many times <3 its so darn happy to see her today
that's Kah Mun on the left
sorry to 'kidnap' ur pic Kah Mun. we shud have taken a picture just now! dang!

her birthday was on the 15th of May and i've been browsing her picture on that day, saying to myself that i missed her. and POOF! today i met her
thats what i call COOLNESS

oh and one more thing, after i stepped foot in the shopping complex. i told to myself
im going to meet a friend today
maybe from convent ipoh, or st. teresa or PUTERI
and it really happened!
thats another DOUBLE COOLNESS!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Electrical Wiring

only one class today n it is electrical wiring. u heard me right, im doing wiring. like the REAL wiring in the house where u have the main switch, kilowat meter, miniature circuit breaker etc etc.
i feel like a wiring specialist
i love my course in German Malaysian Institute where im specialized in Process Instrumentation and Control. u learned so many cool stuffs. AHA! u get to learn micro c, pneumatic hydraulic, process control <---best!

enough of commercializing my UniversityInstitute

i had lunch with Nadzren today since Sweets in kL. well only at the cafe and we talked about deejay stuffs. its kinda cool to know all those stuffs. now it makes me feel like i want to have deejay stuffs so i can learn a bit about it. AHA!
why is it so many stuffs??

i love Armin Van Buuren featuring Sharon Den Adel trance music In and Out of Love

Sunday, May 15, 2011


i have a public speaking competition coming up on the 28th May in UNITEN and the title for the prepared speech is Leadership 2013. i didnt read properly the letter so i blindly search on merely the title. 
damn naive
i even made my dad search on the same thing. HAHA. silly me. its actually about the youth today is tomorrow's leader. before i realized it was that, i been searching on global issues which is so hard to talk about. as expected, the saved URLs are all crap. AHAHHAHA

lesson to be learn : read carefully and thoroughly a letter or questions etc etc

i had tosai for breakfast. i LOVE tosai because its sour. LOL. it is effingbest eaten with a coconut gravy that is in white color. 
i cooked pasta for lunch. instant pasta by San Remo, extremely cheap around RM4+. i add in extra spaghetti to have extra pasta in it. 
i packed in a tupperware for Sweets and bought Ice Lemon Tea AND walk all the way to the IE building under the terribly HOT sun and quite far. more likely 250 meters from my hostel building.
i dont do measurement
and said BOO!
did i manage to surprise u??! *happy*
thats what a girl do when she's in love
AHA! i told u to keep track on me to knw what girls do when they are in love

i want to horse ride so badly :( i am still sad because i didnt horse ride this weekend. it was suppose to be a 
*long sigh*
it was suppose to be a picture of me riding a white horse

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lonely Labour Sunday 2011

its an extremely boring sunday. i had arguments with sweets..yeah, we are weird. 
its like u hav fun today, then the next day u'l get into a fight
lets not talk bout it