Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bagan Lalang+FLU after event grrrrr

its BITCHBEACH DAY! went to the beach called Bagan Lalang in Sepang with sweets this morning. its the weekend
the beach is fine, the weather was extremely in a good condition
windy + no miss SUNSHINE! 
to have a beach day without the sun at 11pm is RARE cases. so we were so lucky the weather is good. we chilled under a tree; which i forgot the name of it. enjoying our sandwiches and iced lemon tea. 

having our greatest fun so far!

the tide was so low we have to walk around 100m to get to the END OF THE WORLD. the nearer we get, the bigger the crabies. there was so many little tiny crabies and it feels so touchy or ticklish or thorny to look at an army of it on ground. n its red in color, which looks more like an army of red ants. eeeeyerrrr~~

im having sore throat + flu now. damn! i want to kill myself, i refuse to endure this. this is deplorable! i only have a lozenge left. SHIT! im going to gargle salt water now and take my piriton for the flu. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Slandering 101

Ola fellow blogwalker, facebooker, twitter, stalker etc etc. hehe... so what happened in my life past few days. theres this unknown girl (well, for me i dont know her) slander me by saying "please see urself in the mirror before u judge ppl.nobody is perfect" 
through my shoutmix
apparently, the unknown girl made a mistake. a friend of the unknown girl tell her that a GIRL ruined her life..n this unknown girl thought it was me.

anywho.. the drama ends when she apologized to me. i appreciated it. this happens for a reason.hehe. im going to write on 
'Ways To Slander a Person' 
because well.... we are human being, there are times we did mistakes and there are times we did good deeds etc. this will be a guide for u to make a mistake AHA!
1st - be anonymous. thats the most important thing if u want to stay unknown
2nd - if u dont want to be anonymous, private message the person. why? because u dont want to show the whole world ur so-called-mistake right? so yep. thats the best way to slander people
3rd - 

enough of Slandering 101...ahaha. even if u have no intention in slandering the person, all u need is an investigation or short interview to find out the truth behind every stories. to fall for one's story isnt fair for the accused person.

last friday, the English Club had hi-tea in The Little White Cafe. its for the members that contributed during the Open Day. well, not all were invited but what can i do.. the cafe is superbly cozy and calm and white of course. the atmosphere is nice. even the advisor of the club asked me to have dinner there. its a fine dining cafe, so the food decor is fantastic..

this slandering 101 has nothing to do with anyone, neither alive nor dead 
*cewahhh mlayu punya dahh*
i have no intentions to embarrass her or whatsoever. the ways to slander people just popped out of my mind. i mean no harm. im harmless.. LOL 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tum Tum Madness

i had food poisoning symptoms last few days.. it was bloody brutal. the story goes like this;
at 11am, me and sweets went to McD and i had filet-o-fish. i skipped my lunch because i have class at 2. then at night, i had my dinner late and it was Ayam Penyet. its spicy. on the way back i was totally in agony. my tummy doesnt feel well, i wanted to puke so badly but i cant, i almost faint because the feeling suck big time.
arrived in my room
i started to take my pail to my room because i have a feeling im going to puke anytime
and i did
google image for vomit is a total mistake. yucks!
but i found a decent picture of vomiting

i vomited all my dinner in the pail
it was such an ugly sight *of course it is*
so lesson learnt "never skipped a meal"

i went to the clinic Mega Bangi and met this uber nice doctor. he's an outsider, not a malaysian. more like pakistani or iranian or middle east people. he's funny and he realized my dad is a chinese by my name. and he gave me a sweet.
i didnt heard him that clear but he said something "kid" maybe he said i look like a kid and why not give me a sweet. AHA! so i get a strawberry chewy sweet!

sweets repaired my quincy junior. i cant wait to use it, its been months i abandoned my quincy jr. awwwww... 
quincy jr.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


extraterrestrial is defined as life that doent originate from the Earth
its in Katy Perry featuring Kanye West- ET song!
i still love kanye
my latest song-diction
do u know how alien sex intercourse works?
they use PROBE
its in the song, dont blame me if it isnt true

what else can we learn from this song?
*thinks hard*
OH! maybe.... just maybe. nothing can stop u to love someone? your partner can be from anywhere in the world as long as he or she is a alien human. what i meant is, even though he or she a/an african, german, lebanese etc, who cares~~ u are in love, thats just ecstatic

Sweets first message for the day
YAY! today is sunday!
i was like.... apparently my laptop was on and i look at the calendar on my desktop
then i know..HE MISSES ME SO MUCH
my train tomorrow will be in the morning, so HOLD ON bb.. i'll be in kL at noon~ u just need to hold
approximately 18 more hours