Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Best I Ever Had

i found the BEST song in the WEEK. LOL. i'v known this song long time ago and LOVE it but theres fuck swear word in it therefore i seldom listen to it.
now ERIKA QUAH DAVID did a cover on it or a remix on it. the result is SUPERB! now i can listen to it non stop, without worrying i might muttered some swear word when singing. BWAHAHA! im soooo going to make a video just like hers for Sweets! i found its super sweet of her to make this remix. anyway, its her own lyrics. SPECTACULAR right?!
all the best ERIKA QUAH DAVID in the music industry!

Baby youre my everything
youre all i ever wanted
we can do it real big, bigger than you ever done it
you be up on everything
other dudes aint never on it
i want this forever, i swear i can spend whatever on it
cus he hold me down, everytime i hit him up
when i get right, i promise that we gon live it up
i make him beg for it, and i dont give it up
he say the same thing every single time
he say im the im the best
im the im the best
im the im the best
im the im the best
im the best he ever had
best he ever had
best he ever had
best he ever had

Im lovin everything, everything you are
you brighten up my day, youre my moon, youre my star
and when you kiss me all over my body
and tell me that you need nobody

and nothing can come b/w us
what we have, what i feel is love
and babe you are the truth
no one can compare to you, yea

your love is like a trip
I never knew we'd be this far
you know you dont need no key
cus you crushed right into my heart, yea

what turns me on the most
you chillin in your bball shorts
boy i cant get enough
your kiss, your touch, your love

repeat hook:
Baby youre my everything
youre all i ever wanted
we can do it real big, bigger than you ever done it
you be up on everything
other dudes aint never on it
i want this forever, i swear i can spend whatever on it
cus he hold me down, everytime i hit him up
when i get right, i promise that we gon live it up
he make me beg for it, and he dont give it up
i say the same thing every single time
i say you da you da best
you da you da best
you da you da best
you da you da best
you da best i ever had
best i ever had
best i ever had
best i ever had

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little Things Are Great Things

i sent my dad at the airport last saturday morning. we didnt get to breakfast together because there was a problem on the flight tickets. my dad's and his friend's names were not in the list. it took almost an hour to solve the bloody problem. gahhhh!

anyway.. problem solved and he and his friend have to rush to the plane, afraid they might missed the plane. pity my dad have to walk quickly.. grrr.. but what i remember is
he's already glad me and Sweets were there to watch him depart
sometimes little things can be great things
so dont afraid to do little things, it might end up great things!

u all have to listen to this inspiring song by Lea Michelle Glee Original song, Get It Right. its about a person who is trying to get everything right many times but it doesnt work. however, the person doesnt gives up instead be more stronger and wiser.

long distance relationship. will it work?
my opinion, every type of relationship will work no matter what the situation is as long as u have these
when u love someone, u will be loyal to them. and by love, trust is like a fertilizer while love is the plant. to make ur love stronger than ever, u gotta have trust. u might be thinking how to trust ur partner when they are far apart? they might flirt with somebody else etc etc. then now u have to change that typical state of mind
why do u think of the bad things?
i dont blame u for thinking bad things because people tend to think of negative things since  they dont want that to happen or afraid that the most
do u know if u think of the good things, it will be better
1st. u r not predicting bad things will happen
2nd. thinking makes u focusing more on that matter. so why focus on bad things when u can choose to focus on the good things *wink*

enough of relationship 101 AHAHAHAHHAHA

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Not Blaming Them

goodness sake. it was a melodramatic, tragic, tiring and hectic week! with the tests, competition, morning and evening classes, meetings...and i'v been a failure and i wont let that to happen again. sometimes, u can only blame the timing. ahahha.. nayhhhhh~ time management? idk. i better stop this crap!

i was suppose to prepare pasta for the Open Day in GMi but i didnt because i spent the weekends with my family. my dad was coming over for 2 weeks break (he was in Lebanon doing UN mission) so i have to sacrifice myself to not attending the Open Day, which i want to attend it the most.

we went to A'Famosa and Bandar Hilir. we were having fun together, its going to be bullshit if one of us wasnt there. but during the trip there were 2 things in my mind, still~ AHAH
2nd my ELC dedicated members
i keep on smsing Afiqah, my deputy, and Jo to update me whats happening. i was worried, and my sister scolded me for not wholly be in the trip. she wanted me to forget about them and enjoy my time with my family, which is quite hard when u have responsibilities somewhere else. hehehe..

enuff with that. but just one question more
how annoying could it be when a person sms
text me
then u reply but he didnt reply u back??? may as well no need to sms text me ryte???

lastly, i would like to give my appreciation to Sweets, Afiqah, Haidi, Jieha, Ariel, Ghazi, Hakimi and those who worked extremely hard for the Gmi Open Day. ur contribution gives impact to the people around u.. BRAVO!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sweets and Lovely

i got the second place for the public speaking competition i mentioned in previous post. its GREAT! its my first time, imagine if i do it more often. i might be the winner! but it was a really good start. everything has its starting point and mine just happened two days ago.

look what i've got
supposed to be SWEETNESS and LOVELINESS but they are too long

i have a story to tell. its about an amazing story about a lady who changed my life. she was the person who, can be called as forcing me to enter the public speaking audition. if she didnt asked me to enter the audition, i wont be in the competition and wont unleash what i have in me.
i would like to give my greatest appreciation to Ms. Safrina, who made my dreams a lil bit clearer than before
therefore, u have to try new things even u have no foundation on it. live ur life and try something new. it might change ur life as well

and not forgotton to Ms Adiba who helped me a lot for the competition. i havent return her reader's digest. thank u very much for giving me support. including Ms. Fazleen.

i finally had nan with Sweets.. im so grateful to have nan with him after 3 weeks without mercy. hehe
that was a picture of him
manhattan fish market
i LOVE it!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Second Burger

Sweets asked me to download upload this. HE's in the video! check it out but dont check him out. hes taken yall..lol

i took my nap at 7++ and i totally having my sweet time. i slept like a dead person. Sweets called 3 times and i didnt realized it..oh my..usually i will wake up whenever my phone vibrates.. thats tragic.

forever green
The Script- For The First Time
u'll never get bored listen to this well-made song

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Microsecond

im still having my stress due to the assignments i have and the public speaking competition just around the corner and my Microcontroller test as well. i hope my cycle wont be affected by it, because its extremely painful when it does.

i ate a lot last night; bakso, laksa and 2 burgers for dinner. i had bakso at 6/7 something in the evening then at 8+pm i had the laksa and A burger. approximately 15mins later, we had another burger but from different stall which is located at the guy's cafe.

i extremely thought that Sweets is ONLY taking a picture of me. however, in the video, i realized he was recording after i askd him 'what are u doin'

he's having a high fever now. i hope he will get well soon. and i almost passed out during my morning class because i was extremely sleepy. i called this occurrence The Microsecond
i was standing still
listening to Sir who's explaining the hydraulics devices
and all of the sudden
blank for a microsecond
and i almost fall but i didnt *phewh*
after that happened, i try not to stand still but move my body to left and right
to prevent The Microsecond to occur for the second time

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Awaken Dream

its not a competition, its an AUDITION
sorry for the mistake,it was actually an audition to represent my college for the public speaking competition organized by MARA. i won the competition! wow. its terrifying. LOL because i never done this before. well, i always have a dream to be a speaker, that delivers speech that motivates students. this is true story. its just that i never told anyone about it. now im publicly exposing one of my dream in the worldwideweb. LMAO

it is a dream to be a very good speaker, i just feel like i need to deliver all the good vibes that i have with me. it makes me feel good and of course i want to share it.

lets stop the crap. aha! its been a very VERY busy semester. YES. SEMESTER. not week, not day and not even month. theres so many things to do, i dont know if im making myself to do so many things but i just felt like i never been this busy. gah~~

i have Swearing Disorder where a person love to swear when they are mad. i have to stop this menace because i even swear to the person i love and this is seriously have to go far far away to the neverland. so this year, i will reduce my swear word usage from 100% to 60%. ahahah..

Sweets sent me to class and pick me after class.awwww...thats so sweet of him! i KNOW! ahah. btw, its walking. not by car, so im really flattered that he was willing to walk back and fro just to sent me to class and walk with me after class.

this explain what would a guy do when he's in love
but what would a girl do when shes in love?
lots of thing. i'll update in my blog *wink*