Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas was AWESOME

i finally had a Christmas eve dinner (after so long) with the rest of the Quah family (my father side). last year we didnt gather because my dad was in Lebanon doing his UN mission. it was FANTASTIC because the whole family was there; uncle vincent's, uncle sunny's, uncle louis's and aunt v's family. 
my big-enough FAMILIA
first thing i do when i meet my cousins is HUG THEM~ i love hugging people. however, not everyone is comfortable with hugging. i know a person, her name is FIE! :P ok, back to the topic, which is HUGGING. by hugging people, we simply imply that we care about them and they are always in our mind. well, not in the dirtiest way ur mind can hugging people is easy peasy~~ just bring ur body or do a 'pre-hug' gesture to start a hug so people know u are going to hug them in a sec!
hug people to show u love them
hug people to show u care about them

my mum made the best roast turkey ever! n i just knew that a frozen turkey needs 3 days to defrost. 
3 bleddy days
yeah. with the E not O. BLEDDY
learn that from the current book that i am reading *got it as a christmas present*
mum used Jamie Oliver's recipe. i think it was the best roast turkey or something with the Best word. cant really remember. it was seriouslyshit the best roast turkey i have ever taste. i have tasted uncle vincent's and aunty v's but mum's one managed to nail it! so i would like to recommend Jamie's recipe if u are a beginner for roasting a turkey.

on christmas morning, i received a gift. wrapped in green and red ribbon. in front of my house door
impeccably clean
on the floor

i was extremely shocked and i know its from Sweets. who else could have done all the sweetest things to me except him. i didnt expect anything from him at all, so it was a complete surprise.

the menu on christmas eve was 2 huge roasted turkey and a whole salmon as big as a effing cat can be. LOL. we have around 25 people, so the food is more than enough. we have a lot of leftovers. there was several dessert; blackberry+strawberry+spices, pudding, vienetta ice cream and soo-ee or tang yuen (chinese sweetness). this will be the approximated portion for 25 people. 

dad with uncle JB
EFF YEAH JB!!! u know.. justin bieber. LOL. nayhh.. its john baptist

soo-ee or tang yuan
i love this to the max because its super sweet!

and thats STINKY BEAUTIFUL aka FIE (fyi,the left one is me)
shes my bestie for the year! i never had a bestie for quite a long time. its very hard to find one anyway. therefore, once i get one, i will treasure it *wink*

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Apology Fie

today is the day i went for my SECOND trip to petroscience KLCC, Malaysia. the first one was a very long time ago, went there with my sisters n uncle vincent's family. ticket is quite cheap, for adult is rm15, youth(around 12-18) rm10 while children is rm5. 
really reasonable. i know

we waited for the dark ride for 30 bloody minutes. it was a very long wait. n we didnt go for the flight or helicopter simulator because they said we have to wait till 5pm, when that time was at 3.30pm. i mean WHAT THE HECK. u want us to waste our time waiting like we are not breathing ( living things )?? ridiculous.

i was suppose to go and see my bestie's last floorball game at 6pm. effie is not replying me until now. im afraid shes absolutely mad or disappointed with me. idk. my sis lost her purse in petroscience. so i didnt get to see effie's game because of that. we went to the police station, so kinda waste our time there. 
i am truly sorry fie
i was suppose to see ur game
i hope u scored a goal, in replaced of mine inexistence 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Post from my Compaq

ahahaha.. if u realized, i have been updating my blog using my ipad. but right now, i am using my all MIGHTY Compaq Presario C700
my first laptop
it was given from my dad after my SPM. i was shocked actually because i didnt expect my dad to surprise me with a laptop that time. it was right after my last paper. 
enough about my lappytop. this blog should be about ME. AHA~~

im still thinking on taking a part time job because i really could use some money. hehe.. actually, i really really want to experience working. i never work in my whole life before. eventhough i have done my practical or industrial training or in-plant training, i can pretty much conclude it wasnt really a working experience for me. sad. i know. *sigh*

christmas is just around the corner. i cant wait to celebrate it with my big family. i just miss the moment where we gather and open our present in front of the christmas tree. even i am a muslim, my family is muslim but we have a family who celebrates Christmas. so we joined them and they join us during the Raya celebration as well. all we do is gather, eat together and getting present. we dont really go to church or do anything religiously related stuff.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

End of Semester 5

Only one paper left to get out from Semester 5!! I cant believe its final year, i cant wait to graduate. Aha!

I went through all my pictures and i realized i have lose weight like a lot
Like seriously A LOT
Im not sure why, maybe its the stress level. I can pretty much conclude that the rate of stress is kinda proportional to the study year. Or during my in-plant training, i eat less because i was in a different environment where i work, eat less and sleep early.

Its not that i regret i have lose weight(obviously no). Just happy that i did look smaller and thinner eventhough i know i am not healthy. Is this the correct feeling? Idk. I like my body right now, its just so thin till i like it. LOL. Well, the cons will be. Most of my jeans is way to big for me.
Thats just suck
U can literally pull down without opening the zip or button. Luckily i have quite a few skinny jeans, so they r still wearable. LOL

I didnt study properly for today's paper. Only god knows why. But still i can answer the questions. *grateful* I think because it is a short semester where all the things u have learned is still fresh in ur head. It diminished slowly but not just yet untill i cannot answer d question. What i want to share is,
Believe in yourself
That u can make it out if u have faith in urself. I know it sounds bullshit but that just how it works on me :D

Monday, November 28, 2011

MGCC Award

Its been a very long time since my last post. Im in my final year so theres just so many things to do. *stressful*

I got the MGCC award!! Im so grateful to receive such an award because i wasnt expecting any award from GMI.

Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The award is given to those who is the highest achiever in their department, industrial electronics and production technology. So i got two awards! I was the highest in IE department for semester 3 and 4. My second year pretty much a good year for me :)

I received the awards during the convocation of my Sweets! Both of us went to the stage to receive something special in our life. Alhamdulillah

Currently, im doing my final year project(FYP) preparation. My FYP group will be doing a desalination machine which converts seawater to drinking water. I named my group SAGENHAFT, aha! Simply because its legendary in english. I want my team members to remember this moment where we did something 'legendary'. Hopefully it will be. Amin :)

"Everything is possible to him who believes"

Besides that, i want to let out something here since its my blog. LOL. I feel like i've been doing all the work among my teammates. However, when i think back, this is actually what i have chose. I choose to do almost everything because.. I dont know. No one is forcing me to do all those work. I guess i know in the end, i will be the one editting all the stuffs and thats going to put more pressure than i have right now. On top of that, i will surely feel good after it's done because its my work. The feeling of satisfaction is higher that way LOL

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Greyson Chance Concert

And its my first concert. And i went with ASH, my awesome cuzzy! LOL. I never thought of going to the concert because... For god sake, He is greyson!!i only know Waiting Outside The Line and Unfriend You. But the concert was fab. I underestimated his looks and talent.

bloody hell he is good.he can sings live well
He is just 14years old but his looks r matured. DAMN! He is tall and cute! Omaigodd.... *faints*

sadly, i didnt lose my voice. V arrived KL Life Centre around 3+pm. N theres so many things happened on that day.
FIRST we almost got killed by the cows on road. Lol. We need to cross the streets to buy lunch, so the cows are like having an adrenaline rush. Speeding like no one's business.
SECONDLY we qued or u can call STAND n WAIT for like freaking 5 hours and the performance is ONLY 1 hour

tell me i AM out of my mind
THIRDLYi will call this moment the sickening moment. While on que, theres this crew on top are chucking poster of greyson. The problem here is, we are at the perfect location or guaranteed location to get the poster. Naughty guy. LOL. So everyone turns like a total maniac, crushing us like they are the crushing machine. Ahahaha! But it was all good. No one got hurt. n Ash got a poster, n i think it was me who brings her luck. Lol
FOURTHLYwe are among the earliest one to get into the hall. We got a great standing place where we can see crystal clear greyson chance performance.
FIFTHLYbefore greyson appear on stage,they played JUSTIN BIEBER MISTLETOE song!!! Omg omg omg. Imagine, i was sitting at first, waiting for the concert to begin. N i was so sleepy that time bcz i slept at 4am,the previous night. When i heard its JB, i abruptly stand up n start singing n dancing! This stuff is LEGIT xD they even played selena gomez songs, the wanted etc etc
SIXTHLYi felt like a dinosour there bcz im 20 and im in a 14-17years old club. LOL they are like freaking die hard fans. I wonder how justin bieber concert will be :D however, one girl askd me my age and she and her friends guessed that i am 14 or 16. Aha! Thats the feel-good-moment. Ahaha.
SEVENTHLYapparently a girl bside me is holding a poster saying I LOVE GREYSON CHANCE. So when greyson saw that, he was like staring at the angle where u think he stare at you. Lol. Seriously, i thinks he looked at me and give me a very cute sickening smile. *screams and faints* he is so frigging cute!! Dammit!

a phrase i catch from one of the die hard fans. LETs RUN AND SCREAM!! (so she n her frens run n scream heading upstairs to c greyson) ahahah thats just cute. And one more I SAY GREYSON, U SAY CHANCE! GREYSON! (crowd say CHANCE!) and those phrase is from the same girl. Nice..

We actually got free tickets! At first, we were supposed to redeem our ticket but BUT someone told us we need to go to level 2 to redeem it. So we went there n meet this a crew with spec on. We asked him. And he said we hav to redeem downstairs at 6.30pm. So im like ok, sorry to disturb u in a cheerful way u can imagine. Then he gave us a pair of tickets! AWESOMENESS! So we can start lining up with those who already hav their tickets! Thats y we are among the earliest one to enter the hall. Aha! May god bless that guy!!

I never regret going to his concert eventhou my intention is just to make Ash happy bcz she got no one to accompany her. I even have a briefing to attend to but they inform me late so..for me its not fair for Ash. A promise is a promise.

The briefing is regarding me getting an award *screams* a MGCC award. Only god knows what is that. Ahaaaaa. Ok, I joke. I am so surprised and grateful to know this from ms jamilah, my head of department. It is an honour to receive such a great award from my insititute. *blissful*

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Same Same but Different

where to find Hello Kitty merchandise in Malaysia? Ahaaaaa.. Original from SanRio, u can find it in Isetan,KLCC. I also saw Vans version of hello kitty.

Last Wednesday, the ELC had a gathering in Starbucks KLCC. We discussed our next event and finally chose Together As One. I know, it's a choral speaking and the theme is religion. AHA! Whatever it is, that's our next event.

On Thursday night, I watched a German movie titled Same Same but Different. I really enjoy the movie. It was the most romantic movie ever,well for me. I love how the guy show his love to this Cambodian girl. That's just super sweet of him. And astonishingly, it's a true story. Bloody hell. I know. I would recommend, fellow of the world wide web to watch this movie. I guarantee u won't regret buying or download the movie.

i love the movie soundtracks!

The sad part is I'm still struggling with my Final Year Project, individual proposal. I don't know where and how to start. I just wish I get a boost out of nowhere and that's when I'm gonna start with my proposal.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Final Year Project(FYP) Supervisor

Today i get to know my supervisor for my FYP which is Mr. Hakim. We have no idea who the hell he is. He is quite new in GMI. The best part is

he is awesome
Ahahaha. Well, i am very confident with him because he was once a consultant. Engineer consultant.

like. What the hell??
This is what we want. Free consultation for our project! This is just so prefect. Alhamdulillah. At first when we got him, we went

who the hell is this guy

how is he like

My ankle is still a little bit swollen. The tournament is tomorrow. I guess i cant enter it. WARGHHHH!! Im so dissapointed with myself. I thought i can play with my team. Sorry JIEHA AND NANA. They really thought im going to play with them. Haihhhhhh!

everything happens for a reason

I dont really get the reason. Hmph

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Netball After 2/3 Years

I was once a Wing Defence in my high school netball team. Im either a Wing Attack or Wing Defence. So i stopped playing when i am in Form 5/ 17 years old because i have a big test; SPM. the greatest achievement is i get to represent Zon A(if not mistaken) in sarawak. We got a very very good coach and we even have..what do i call this person.. He is like a psychologist or motivator, whatever u call it. Hehe..

So i played today. And i sprained my ankle. It was bloody painful and quite shocking because its been a very VERY long time i didnt injured myself. If u ever facing this situation, always, ALWAYS remember to put ice, cold treatment. Then after an hour u can start with the hot treatment where u put hot ointment and so on. Thanks to my personal nurse who gave me free consultation. Aha!

Im really into netball, some sort like a passion to me. Well, once a passion. Why netball is fun? Hmmm..i would say, theres a lot of do's and dont's. Aha!

I just entered my final year and now ONLY i started playing netball. My mum is going to kill me if i spend too much time on it. Hahaha! No doubt. I dont know if i made a mistake by going to the court but i had fun just now.

i've jump like i never jump before

i run like i never run before

i got tired like i never experince tired before
It was fun.. K, i have to continue with my hot treatment to my ankle. Wish me well :D

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Semester 5 GMI

I am a semester 5 student today! Yippee! It's my final year! I'm so in a mixed feelings for final year project. Got my result for my sem 4, my cgpa increased. The problem is...I said to my mum that my cgpa decreased bcz I forgot my previous cgpa

The best part is, she told me to focus more and it is not the time to play or mess around. And AND reduce my 'dating' time with sweetness.ahaha!

but what if I told her the other way around?
Mummy, what if my cgpa is not decrease but increase?! :D well, will she tell me the same advice..hmm mm

Sweets just bloody prank me by telling me he's Darwin from PIC semester 2 and a big fan of me and ask me for a lunch together tomorrow. I fell for it. Well, I didn't fall for it at FIRST. I know it's sweets. But when he said he is a member of elc and a junior from semester 2, my mind went

I started to feel that the person is really is Darwin, a junior of mine and is a member of elc. So I'm like I am soooo sorry, I thought u are my boyfriend bcz I called him just now and he didn't answer.
And he played along by saying, I heard u are the president and top student and he is a big fan of mine. And ask me for a lunch.
So I said I can't because I have a boyfriend. Sorry
And he said I didn't know u r taken Yada Yada Yada....
I asked him where did he get my number,what is his father's name..

he said Singh
And that triggered EVERYTING. Ahahah! Bcz theres this guy named Dharween Singh in my fb that I exchanged comment when he said that, I knew sweets is pranking me!

sweetness sake

I just got punk'd! Damnnnnn he's good. He really sound like an Indian guy. I imagined an Indian guy, tall..gosh.. Bloody u boo :)

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Sunday, September 25, 2011


My tto(technical training officer) from my institute will come and visit me on the 30th. I'm excited and I hope everything will be fine.

I'm 'currently' back to my old days where I used to do 60 sit-ups and 10 push-ups every night. This was taught by my taekwando master when I was in Puteri High School.

I felt so awesome
It's good to feel yourself awesome. Who else going to start calling yourself awesome if it doesn't start with you? ;) I believe by doing those exercise it can helps with my tummy. Hehehe. I don't know if it's going to work, but I believe it will. Aha!

Every time I feel uncomfortable with myself, I do something for a change. Those exercise is one of the something. Sometimes I eat less or go for a jog. I used to jog, there's a big roundabout in front of my house and usually I jog for 6 rounds.

There are many things u might be doing if u feel uncomfortable with yourself. However, bear in mind, do 'something' that make yourself MORE comfortable. Not making it worst, for example;

Not doing anything
If u feel something is wrong or isn't right, u have to react to it. Not being pole where u didnt fall either side. Well, that doesn't sound like a good metaphor. Watever.

So react when something isn't right and always


feel good about yourself and be fabulous
Fabulosity of a person can be felt not just by the sight.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bloody SimCity

I hereby swear that I didn't mean to get addicted to SimCity. Gezzzz.... I should not download it at the very first place. Now I feel so regretful.

fellow earthlings
Please don't play SimCity. Ahahahaha! This is ridiculous. Telling people off not to play a bloody game that is so tempting and interesting. Nevertheless, I still stand with my statement.

don't play SimCity

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Chest Pain

I'm having problem to do my in-plant training report because I'm confused with the criteria needed in the report. Hmmm... I should ask my senior for example of report.

I'm having chest pain right now. Started in the morning, I feel a sharp pain below my neck when I inhale, especially when I inhale deeply. Do I need to go to the doctor? I don't feel like taking anymore MC, to many off days during my training. Don't want to left my log book empty.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011


I've been reading The Christmas Carol by Charles Darwin using iBooks. So I learnt a new word


Nowadays my weekdays sucks a lot because I'm working and I didn't have time to blog at night. I went to bed early on weekdays. I tumblr a lot since that doesn't consume much time as blogging

Oh, memorable shocking moment at work. The story went like this; I was on my way back from site to my office with my friend. So before crossing the zebra crossing, there's a group of guys walking towards us. So suddenly a guy walking towards me. And started to cross his leg while leaning against a pole and put his hand up and say

Guess how did I react? A hahaha. It was bloody hilarious but I didn't make a sound. I simply walk passed him, took his left side and keep on walking as if nothing happen. I heard his friends saying
Kenapa macam TU?

So here's a tip, maybe tips for guys who want to get to know a lady
Firstly, u don't ever do that. The above situation. You either get embarrassed or making yourself a fool in front of everybody.
Secondly, if u are too shy to talk to her. Give her a look. Make her realized that u are interested in knowing her. So she won't be shocked with your first Hi.
Thirdly, once u have given her the look. And u are sure she realized that u've been 'spying' on her. Now u can make yourself bump into her and say your first hi. But before u say hi, give her a smile THEN u say hi. Just a friendly smile. Make sure she saw your smile.

what am I? Ms-advisor?? Ahaha. I just wanted to share how guys should make their first move. That's all.

Lately I've been bitchy to Sweets. Maybe it's my hormones.
Thank god I'm a girl. I can blame my hormones. Ahahaha
My family went to Raya at his house last night. We had his mom's briyani. It was delicious. Sweets made his ever-famous-cupcakes. Everybody loves it. Hence, boo. Don't worry about your hospitality. Everything went great when there is you.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eid Mubarak 2011

i've been busy. i made Raya cookies and.....
that's all?

i would like to wish all the muslim Happy Eid Mubarak. i received angpow from my dad in
yay! now i have to wait till USD exchange rate is high, then im going to change it and buy my latest gadgetdiction

let me introduce u!
the mighty almighty

i just bought a PINK back cover for my paddy. i thought im going to buy BLACK because it is not easily stained if in black color. by the time i arrived the apple store, i saw this PINK cover.
buy me
buy me

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I've watched justin Bieber NEVER SAY NEVER movie. If u are a belieber, U should watch it! he's so talented and charming and everything! His dad is quite good looking too, almost like David Beckham style.hehe. Scratch the metrosexual of David Beckham

reminds me of someone; superman :]

I'll be wearing Pink Baju Raya this year! It's never my intention to wear pink this year. More interestingly, before I knew I'll be wearing pink this year, I bought Sweets a pink renoma

pink sweets!

I can't stop smiling watching him wearing pink shirt. I thought he's going to shout and scold me when I give him a pink top. Apparently. Surprisingly. Thankfully. He doesn't.

he laughed

he gave me a hug

guess what. I'm listening to Justin Bieber My World album while writing this

aha! Do u know his father cried watching him perform in Madison square? That touches my heart. Awww... His movie is a must see movie IF..




u are not a big fan but likes his songs ;)

I'm into DOWN TO EARTH song by Justin Bieber. The song is so emo, it makes me cry listening to it. The lyrics are sad.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


This will be my first post using BLOGSY! Why I didn't use Safari to write my post? Well,here's the reason;

I can't do much with my post

Thats why I have this BLOGSY to help me with my postI feel nerdy for typing correct spelling in this post because apple has this auto correct thingy(aha! I pressed 'x' so I can write thingy) I will get used to it but it will definitely takes timeI went to Tower Regency Hotel yesterday for Quality Mindset Training. It's a training to create quality awareness etc etc. It's super interesting. never thought that playing Legos is 'educating'. However, I wasn't suppose to go to the training because I'm an industrial trainee. Apparently, the title of the training makes me want to go.

What's the difference between

doesn't need to go


cannot go

Ahaaaaa.. With knowledge of mine, doesn't need to go defines I can either go or not. Cannot go, clearly state that I'm prohibited to go.

Absolutely NO go


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

iPad 2 it is!!

As u all know, I've bought myself an ipad2. Tis will be the first post I write using my iPad.
Not interesting. Let's talk about something more interesting and informative.LoL

Currently I'm helping one of the senior technical specialist in my company to resolve an issue regarding the gas system. MEMC Ipoh is using silane gas for production. Very VERY few company use this gas in Malaysia.
I'm feeling lucky

Last Sunday I bought Sweets to one of the famous Chinese restaurant
It's not really a restaurant
More like a place where there are many hawkers selling their food. I ordered for him a weird looking dish.Ahahah
*drum roll*
Fried loh si fun

It's superquite mafan to use iPad to blog. I cant seem to put my text in the middle and color it!!! Watafak..
no wonder theres no flash in ipad
im using lappy now to edit my post..

Thursday, July 21, 2011

1st Apple Device

im currently DYING waiting for my Ipad 2 to arrive. its been 5 days and i ordered through apple store malaysia, online. on monday i did call Apple, to know if there's any stock for Ipad 2 and the lady said there is. however, when i check my item status, it was engraved in China yada yada yada in China.
so is it true if i engraved something on my Ipad 2, i have to wait longer than without engraving?
i guess so

today i learned about the Ultra Pure Water system where they treat the water till it becomes pure H2O. i learned the process a bit.lets talk something informative for my readers. ahaha. 

so if u are interested in buying an Ipad2 online, the process will be 5/6 days. the invoice i received is from singapore, which i dont know why. 

do i need to buy the smart cover? im thinking of the keyboard. wargh! i cant wait for it anymore!

Friday, July 15, 2011


im feeling all goofy. i dont know why. so today every man in my company reminds me of my dad. Mr Ragu slang and way of talking reminds me of daddy. the red puma shirt wore by Jeff reminds me of daddy's red puma t-shirt. listening to Gin talking hokkien reminds me of daddy also.

i miss my dad~~~ 
not because i wanted him to use his credit card to buy ipad 2 through apple store malaysia. something.
no no no AHA!

this week in-plant is about chemical. ahaaaa.. im just amazed by the engineer who design the chemical delivery machine (cdm). i would love to design one too. its just so interesting. besides that, the manual valve is in PINK color! so KAWAI~~~ well, not the whole valve, only the screw. AHAHA!

do you know erika quah is a belieber?
i have no idea why im so into JUSTIN BIEBER. hes just adorable. i love his song especially UP.
BIEBERENA? sounds like ribena.ehehehe
anywho. i love THEM! they look so cute together!!
adriene received a 3D justin bieber book as a gift from her friend. i had bieber attack (heart attack). 
i think im probably. maybe. exactly. a belieber. 
no doubt

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bersih La Sangat

im not taking sides. i know something wrong with the government, but we are peaceful now. why do u want to take that away?? al-jazeera said we are a democratic country, why arent we allow any demonstration? 
democracy = people's voice. i know
however, u have to know that the rally is called illegal rally. i know anything that is ILLEGAL is not good.ahahah! anyway, any rally that is going on today is ILLEGAL. the police only cares about the safety of the people because they found explosives and weapons somewhere in Perak. unless, they are heartless. i think the police wont care at all if there is a rally or not today.

i shall not talk much about it cause i dont want to get shoot by a sniper. hehe. but i do know that something is wrong with the government. but its already peaceful maaa.. hehe.

i want to have this baby!
i have reasons. its thinner than IPAD 2. powerful. the camera is much more better than IPAD 2. warghhhh!! 
why is it so hard to buy a gadget???
someone is trying hard to change my mind to ipad 2. do u think its going to work? keep on tracking to find out. AHA!

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Good Side

as mentioned my first week of in-plant training is BORING however when it comes to the second week
jeng jeng jeng
it gets better
reminds me of the gays issues in perezzie AHA!

so i want to share this. your in-plant training might go bad for the first week. when it comes to the second week, you are going to enjoy your training. one thing i know, every in-plant student should do this
look for a job
seek for it
smell it
dont go sit at the corner. waiting someone to let your face facing them. aha!

today i get free McD. someone in the department is treating us, a few people. i think its my luck to be one of them. the story went like this. i was in the office, jobless. so i went out to find Mr. Deva because if im jobless im going to find him and ask for a job. so luckily i saw him while passing the non-clean room. so i decided to tag along with him because im bored.

wore the jumpsuit to enter the Class 10k. follow Mr. Deva like im some sort of bodyguard. i have no choice but to stand like a pole and do nothing. i dont mind btw. AHA!
after leaving the Class 10k room, POOF~ we got invited to McD. at first, i declined because i thought only specific people is invited. but i went and joined them anyway.

im in dilemma in choosing between these two.. *long sigh*

ipad 2 is kinda cool. galaxy s2 is cool too.. gahh~~ which one should i buy??

Saturday, July 2, 2011

In-plant training; 1st Week

im doing my in-plant training in MEMC Ipoh; an american company. its a company that deals with semiconductor. FYI, the wafer in the chip of ur blackberry is made by MEMC.
my working days will be Monday till Friday. working hours is far my first week. i will summarize it in one word
oh yeah. my supervisor got a project and its hard to handle because u need to know the company's thingy yada yada yada. so i tag with the other practical students from USM and MMU. they are Raymond and Kevin.
however, next monday they said there will be a new practical GIRL
YESH! finally a girl
in my department there is only a girl in it. then i came in. so there are TWO
next week is going to be THREE

everywhere i go, the majority of people around me will always be MALE. why? due to the course im taking; ENGINEERING. last wednesday, vendors from ROCKWELL automation came to MEMC. i took them to see the PLC panels. and one of the guy from UNITEN kajang/putrajaya. he was surprise of my course and asked why i chose it.
only god knows :)

my work is more like an engineer rather than technician. i know i said this a lot but it has to be spoken out A LOT of time. maybe because im a girl. hehehe. the guys in my department are kind and soft spoken. they are cool. no problem YET.
i just hope i get to fill up more in my log book because i need to handle a machine or device or equipment. if i keep supervising or become like a watcher, i wont be able to fill in my log book. unless....
i cheated

me and my sisters bought my mum a toaster. a KENWOOD toaster for her belated birthday present. the image above is the exact taoster that we bought for her! my mum loves KENWOOD and again, only god knows why. i think its a good brand. an expensive one too. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011


how do u define beauty?
in my definition, anything that is beautiful caught my eyes. i am going to stare quite a long time at something that is beautiful. so if u aint beautiful u wont get my stare.
just for laugh

tomorrow will be my first day of in-plant training. Sweets is around if i need a shoulder to cry on
as if its going to be that bad till i cry
i hope not

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Return

im going to talk about the good things because good things brings good vibes and my mission is to attract GOOD people in my blog. and now im going to CURSE whoever that have a bad intention when coming to this blog, you are going to be miserable for the rest of your life because u have create a very bad memories to lilypad, i mean to me.
okay im done with my curse

so me and marshallAIZUL is going strong. we are doing AMAZINGLY GREAT. this will be the first time to live very far apart but close in the heart. yucks. thats classic. anyway, we smsed everyday. we skyped. we said good night and good morning. everything is FINE and fabulous...fabulous.. that doesnt make sense right?
i think i just lost one of my senses
*going lala*

i'll be doing my in-plant training next week. i cant wait to experience nightmare. i have this vision that its going to be hell in my company. idk. i have a bad feeling bout it.

some of my college stuffs is with Sweets. hopefully he didnt STEAL any of my stuffs *giggles* okay, he's the only one that can help me to empty my college room. my dad is in Lebanon. My family lives in Ipoh, my mum is afraid of long distance travelling. she didnt allowed my sisters to pick me up. so sweets is the one.

im typing this post because its been a long time i'v abandoned my blog. im having this HIMYM marathon and its AMAZING. this time is real. i mean real AMAZING. previous AMAZINGLY is opposite of it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Help: Steal People's Url

Situation 1
u open ur blog and findout in the shoutmix that many people are mad at u. and u start to wonder why. thank god, God almighty, some left their blog URL. so u go to their blog and read the shoutmix because something is amiss. and then u check there's a person disguised as me; mrs. e. and left each of the angry bloggers a fckup comments. 
total effin wat

there is one blogger who thought im the fcking dumbass who left him/her the fckup comments because i want my blog to be famous.
i have my identity on my blog. my twitter. my facebook probably(if u google my name) and this is genuine. u think im that idiot to do such thing? dont insult me. 
i felt so insulted for people to think i am soooooo stupid when im not. gezzzzchrist. why would i want my blog to be famous as the most hated blog in the worldwideweb????

hereby, i want to say. greatest apology to bloggers who got the unwanted comments in ur shoutmix. every each of the fckup comments that he post, will be the time he sigh in a day of his life. 

ladies and gentlemen, if u are having the same problem. u can go to the police station. they helped me. they are going to link it straightaway to the multimedia commission.

whoever did this to me, i know u are a guy. probably with a spectacles on, imagining those computer-die-hard peeps. i wonder what would u feel when u wake up every morning and realized u have done a crime? doesnt that haunting u?? well, for me, i will surely feel uneasy or uncomfortable with my life. 

sweetness has been with me throughout this whole situation. i am very very grateful to have someone with me at this time. i wont have the guts to go to the police without him. it really changed me from being afraid to a braver person. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Internet Abuse & Harassment

hello earthlings, i am hereby to say that i am not that stupid or idiot or fcking dumbass or the fcktard to go to people's blogs and started to slander u with my URL link included
i am not HIM
there is a guy/girl who's been harassing me since last week. only god knows whats his/her problem or maybe a psychiatrist knows.

mrs. e with a link to my blog? seriously?? i am not that freaking a-hole to make myself look bad in public and i dont roll that way if i have problems with people.

u have problem with people, face that person. being anonymous or HIDING ur coward identity will not solve any problems. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pappa Rich After Uniten

me and Sweets went to PappaRich after my public speaking competition in UNITEN. the competition is crazy.. i have no idea how i managed to get to finals because my prepared speech wasnt a 10 to 15 minutes speech. im only prepared for 5 to 7 minutes speech. a bit fck up that time, however, thank god ms safrina came. so i ask what to add to make my speech at least 10minutes. so she gave me ideas, then off i go thinking the points and elaborations. its kinda sad she didnt hear my speech because i was talking about her. since her story the only story i could think of that time. 
anyway, who doesnt like ms safrina's stories anyway?
well, thats another issues(this is sooo her line)

so i get through finals, and i totally fck up for my impromptu speech.
does music affect students morality?
first, when i was given my time to think the points. a guy is giving his speech, so at one point i was distracted by it and was listening to the guy's speech. then i quickly get back on track on my thinking to concentrate on my topic.  

i sum this competition as an experience. the impromptu topic is much more challenging. and im still learning the language, English. so it is sooo hard to construct sentences just in a blink of an eye. but that will not kill my spirit to stop whatever i love to do which is deliver something to the people. 

PappaRich food is ssupernot that delicious and i think it will be a TOTALwaste of money to try the food there because the food is okay, eatable. its better to spend ur money on the char kuey teow by the roadside, u get what i mean. *evil laugh* we orderd curry laksa (RM8.90) and ipoh kuey teow soup (RM7.90). the curry laksa sambal paste is totally not the paste that u should mix with ur curry LOL i hated it. the ipoh kuey teow soup is salty and the taste of the chicken stock in the soup is less. 

however, the drinks is superb. so ur money will be worth spending on the drinks they have. they have from coffee to soya milk. my favourite is soya milk with coffee jelly

as u can see,theres a f*cktard f*cking my damn shoutbox. i guess he need a psychiatrist. serious inner-emotion problem here.

is that how u roll in this world? being anonymous and started defaming me? what did u get after u did that anyway? self satisfaction? im really sure u have serious problem of urself. seriously. get help. im not joking or to sound sarcastic, but really. u need help.

to get up in the morning, and realized what have u done to me. its just horrible. well,unless u r  heartless. even though it is sort of violation, im not going to the police to bring u down.

Friday, May 27, 2011


why do ppl go anonymous? is it
A) they are afraid to reveal themselves
B) they have plans to sabotage a person
C) they are shy people
D) none of the above

if u ask me, i would go for A and B. they probably have plans to ambush a person or to do a serious crime. want to sack me? i have no idea wat ur intentions are. find someone else that worth ur time.

who are we to judge other people?
who are we to say this and that to other people?
who are we to decide whats best for him or her?
just let God do his work


i just done transfering a few pictures from my Quincy Jr. to lappytop. then i saw this mouth-watering picture

omaigod... i want to go to The Mines and have these mouth watering snack... YUMMEH. it only cost around rm4.50 if not mistaken.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Firdaus, my Daddy

i want to publicize my greatest gratitude and love to my dad
firdaus quah
u are my light that shines my road
well mummy too 
u are my pillow when i needed one
im sleepy

he helped me with the speech and i extremely have no time to see Ms Adiba or Ms Safrina and ask for help. Daddy is the only person that can help me in the time like this and he's GREAT. i never thought that Daddy can be so much helpful in my speech.
seems like i underestimating my own father
bad girl bad girl what u gonna do
what u gonna do when im come for u

daddy before his flight to lebanon

and oh! greatest apology to those who already at the venue for the English Club Meeting. it was suppose to be at 8pm and i got back from helping Ms Saf with the English Day gifts so i arrived my room at 7.30pm. and i was so fucking extremely tired and i have headache and it was raining! 
i dont want to make myself worst since i have this headache
apology to the English Club Members for postponing the meeting last minutei know its my fault and hopefully u all will forgive for not giving my all as a president
hehe emo pulak

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kah Mun

first of all
HAPPY WESAK DAY to all Buddhist!

me and Sweets went window shopping and we had Beef Kebab at first. we were suppose to watch Fast 5 however there were so many earthlings lining for ticks so we changed our mind. AHA! the kebab was great, that was our second time to eat there. then we went to A&W to have float. 
just the float; root beer + vanilla ice cream

right after i passed the entrance, i glanced at a girl
and my mind said 'its kah mun'
yet i continue walking till im outside A&W because im not sure its her

me: i think thats my friend, kah mun
sweets: go and talk to her la
me: *stare at him*

i put my chin up; be brave.
stand in front of her
stare at her for a couple of secs
then said Kah Mun
then she said What the heck
probably she was so surprised to meet me
then started la the scene when a girl meet her long lost girlfriends
she stand up and we hug after a long time we didnt hug each other..awwwwww....

she was so happy to see me and i was super happy too to meet her. she called herself dumb for not seeing me in the A&W. well, i dont blame her, we kinda sit near the counter and she sit at the entrance. she just being nice... AHAH! she said its JODOH for us to meet. i like it when she use the word jodoh. its a malay word and its funny when she use it.
we hug so many times <3 its so darn happy to see her today
that's Kah Mun on the left
sorry to 'kidnap' ur pic Kah Mun. we shud have taken a picture just now! dang!

her birthday was on the 15th of May and i've been browsing her picture on that day, saying to myself that i missed her. and POOF! today i met her
thats what i call COOLNESS

oh and one more thing, after i stepped foot in the shopping complex. i told to myself
im going to meet a friend today
maybe from convent ipoh, or st. teresa or PUTERI
and it really happened!
thats another DOUBLE COOLNESS!