Friday, December 31, 2010

3 in PappaRich

had lunch with Ridhayah and Priyaa in PappaRich. we talked about lotsa stuff, we laughed super LOUD. didnt care what others will think bout us. 
we are just 3 cool ladies from CONVENT
ahaha. we realized some people doesnt like convent students because we like to mix around. LOL. nayhh.. but wat the heck. dont give a damn lah~ everyone has their own point of view.

curry mee for lunch
with plain water :)
arrived home 5++
had sticky rice/glutinous rice with coconut milk and mango
bloody freaking headache right after that

cancelled my plan to meet Amyra and the rest of the convent girls in JJ at night. besides that, my mum doesnt let me since i already had lunch with my friends and she afraid i might go elsewhere if i hangout with my friends since its new year eve!

my sis bought me a new bottle and its CUTE! thank you so much!

happy new year