Friday, December 24, 2010

Semester 3 Break

having my fabulous holidays right now for 3 bloody weeks! im very sure i'll put on weight after the hols.aha! 

went to Menara UOA with Sweets to take my mum's medicine. at first we got lost. we passed through kL Sentral 2 times. after that, Sweets wanted La Comida in Solaris for lunch. but we get lost. he's dying to bring me there but i said NO. my train wil depart at 6, so im afraid we wont arrive on time in kL Sentral. so off we went to a restaurant called Ruz Aladdin in Ampang. we had bryani! since we only had pasta the day before. so i suggested we must have rice. the food is quite nice but a bit salty. environment is nice. the price is okay. yada yada yada 

arrived kL Sentral quite early; 0500+. phewh! we went to find a wrapper to wrap Ally's birthday present. then had ICE CREAM together. and waited till 6.
we hugged
we waved
we kissed
for the last time
of the year

lol. however it was sad~~~ because im not going to see him for like 3 bloody weeks *sigh* and it was bloody fucking freezing in the train. 
next time, force me to take ur jacks
regret for not bringing his jacks when he said i should bring it. grrrrrr.... 

celebrated Ally's belated birthday by having pizza and chicken wings from PizzaHut. with pecan cake from Secret Recipe. we ate like pigs. lol. and Ally love my present! 
a game that involve legs and hands. i was worried she might hate it, but she loves it. 

woke up
cleaned up the cats poo
nose in pain due to the cat's litter sand
had mcd for lunch; spicy chicken mcdeluxe
a 30mins nap
played twister; won MANY times bwahahhahaha
legs in pain due to too much twistering
had my mom's cooking for DINNER