Saturday, December 18, 2010

Spaghetti Fever

its saturday and i spent my day with without Sweets. ahaaaa.. i have to because my finals is not over YET. i went freaking mental this morning by waking up before 730
its bloody weekends
arent i suppose to be awake late
then i read my Sensor notes since the finals for that paper on Monday. im estimating to get at least AT LEAST 
for my sensor
i have to, must to, compulsory to, if not my cgpa will reduce and i will be a dead fish if it does. i just hope my gpa for this semester wont go so low *crossing fingers*

getting an A+ is bullshitly impossible. AHAHAHA. i never get A+ in my college. the highest is A. if i get A+, there must be something wrong somewhere *wink*
i cooked spaghetti today. i ate like a total pig. i think i just ate approximately 500g of spaghetti for a day
thats fucking a lot
approx. 250g for each lunch and dinner
i lost my mind.ahahaha. because i bought the tin spaghetti sauce and i cant keep it, so i have to finish it in a day. so thats why i have to be a pig for a day when i cook spaghetti.

after lunch i read my Islamic Studies notes. if i dont read it, i'll feel guilty. then i got knocked down by the beautiful weather. 
cold and serene and solitary 
great combination to get a good nap.

i've started a lil bit of research on my final year very excited. ahahaha. even though i have to do the proposal on somewhere around October. there will be no revelation on my FYP. aha! someone might counterfeiting my idea. LOL

we were suppose to have ice cream together last night
the picture doesnt belong to me.

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