Thursday, December 16, 2010


since today i had my Maths final paper, i doodled with Farhan last night. well, we didnt actually doodle anything cute ahahaha.. its been a long time since i doodle with anybody. dangg! 
and dad wanted to chat with me last night :( i was busy and i said i'll skype with him today. awwwww... sorry daddy~ i was doing my exercises.

i think i did very well for the paper *brags* because i can answer most of the questions. i was so worried if i cant answer the questions, especially integration by partial fractions. or maybe implicit differentiation. ah~ enough of education.

i finally got all the documents to start looking for a company for my in-plant training
*super excited*
however, the guy said its best if we apply after 3rd January. awwwwww... thats still ages to wait. i really want to go to Schlumberger because its like MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)or Louis Vuittion or maybe Gucci. AHA! its a company that most students wanted to do their training. i have a few companies that search in the net; Vastalux and Tanjung Offshore and Ranhill.

will i be working like them?
no.this is more to engineer architecture 

how about this?
bloody WELDING? i hope not!

ahhh~ this is better. process instrument. aha!