Tuesday, December 14, 2010


what would u feel when someone is stalking u
what would u feel when someone is peeking u
thats when Uneasiness appears

i just know my group members for next semester. it was awful  to KNOW not know any of the guys but i really really hope that i can get along with them
awww..getting number 2 reminds me a lot of my high school. i was in the second class in Convent Ipoh; orchid. and in Puteri; Omega. only that in St.Terasa Kuching, i was in the 1st class.

it wouldn't be a relationship without a fight
it wouldn't be a spark without love
it will be fire without trust
that will burn the vibes away

where can i find positives electron in the supermarket? which department? girls cant runaway from prejudice but we cant runaway from the truth as well. rephrased humans cant runaway from prejudice.

i should be posh now tq to someone. ignore what im suppose to ignore and believe wats in my heart. lets buy SHADES sweets!