Saturday, December 11, 2010

Exam Fever is On

finals is on Monday and i started to get sick on Thursday night after i had Chicken Rice and Tea. i wonder which has caused me to have itchy throat. grrrr.. when i have that, i started coughing and result in mild fever. mum and Amy jiejie were 'worried' and force me to go to the clinic and check the hell of me. 

seriously, that was my first clinic i ever remember going because since my dad is an army officer, we dont do clinic. we have special clinic for ourselves called RESAT. 
i feel so special

im feeling better. my fever is gone, i guess so. and i have not much to write
studying has made me bored person

when u look a picture of me and a guy in my phone, not holding hands, not even 'that' closed to each other. u dont have to worry and be pissed. there is a picture of u in my phone, u didnt scroll it completely.