Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This is for You

To sit with you, serene comes alive
To talk to you, laughter comes alive
To walk with you, secure comes alive
To laugh with you, priceless comes alive
To be with you is ever I wanted
for you
To be with me is ever I doubted

You take me as I am
You give me strength when I am weak
You at my side when I'm in need
now it's my turn to comprehend
that you are the one
for me
<3 Aizul

Sweet Quarrel

yesterday Sensor practical test went well since im the first to finish. but i fucked up my theory test on the afternoon. i told some ppl i did good, then some other i did bad. well, its over. i have to forget it and look forward for the next big paper; FINALS

me and Sweets get in fight over a phone last night. it was bad since it was a bloody fight. it happened because of me not aware of his feelings. i apologized and myself went a bit LaLa or in other word emotionally disturbed. i get scared when he's mad. well, no one sounds beautiful when they are mad. 

so since my emotion was disturb by the shocking yelling and high notes voice, this happens:
 i tried to say im scared of him and need to give him time so that his angsty disappears
 then i said i want a hug
 then i hope today i have free time and able spend a lil time with him (wat the heck, u said u SCARED of him)

if u have a girl like me, would u be like so depressing when i act dubiously? there will be so many uncertainty of my feelings and i really think people will get tired of me one day. 
i dont know if i can ever be committed in a relationship. i should have the book for dummies to be in a relationship. ahahah. so far, i know i care about him, i think about him every single day, it just that my EGO keeps hiding it from him which i dont know why.

keep calm and carry on