Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gloomy Sunday

The Spice Girl > Erika, Mufidah, Eija, Fatihah, Faeza
we are doing our group assignment for Malaysian Studies. we have to choose 2 museums from a list given, and each person has to have at least 3things from each museums and write about it. 1st museum is the Orang Asli Museum in Gombak.

its air-con. free admission. there's only an officer in charge on Sunday, and he's so expert in telling us the story of the orang asli (aborigines) in malaysia. he's uber kind too by giving us notes and articles. he said he only give those stuffs to students.

then we decided to go to Tunku Abdul Rahman Memorial. tragically, we get lost. its bloody fucking hard to go to the freaking shittist place. they dont have a bloody signboard for the memorial. what the fucking age. we were in the car like hours. lastly we gave up and went to Tun Razak Memorial.

it was so freaking easy to get to Tun Razak's . wat the heck la weyyy... i was so disappointed for wasting our time in car getting lost *sigh* because BECAUSE i was holding my pee! in the Orang Asli Museum, i dont really know how to use the 'cedok' or small bucket. my bladder started to get so bloody full when we get lost. once arrived in Tun Razak's, i straightaway look for the ladies.

Sweets is sulking for some reason. i dont know what else to do. i guess, i just have to give him time, to relax or to do whatever he wants to do. 
time heals, i hope