Saturday, December 4, 2010

Solitary Saturday

had an enjoyable skyping moment with dad. i asked dad to buy i heart lebanon tshirt. ahaha. as a souvenirs from there. spending most of my time reading today. i have a theory test and practical test on Monday.

i can feel the tense now

had dinner with Firdaus and Muttaqi. Megat was supposed to have dinner with us too but he fell asleep and woke up after 10. ahaha. then we saw Sonny, the turkish german who's doing her practical in GMi, sitting alone. Firdaus was eager to chat with her so i bring the two and introduced them to Sonny.

we talked about many stuffs. we were there at 1945 till 2240. almost 3hours? damn, it was long. LOL. not that i dont like it but i was getting sleepy. overall i enjoy the talk we had. i know something new etc etc.

it is a cold season now. im loving it. Sonny doesnt like it, so does Firdaus. but me and Muttaqi love it! we have something in common Muttaqi. ahahaha.