Friday, December 3, 2010


yes, how tragic it is to watch HP7 today. ahaaa. when can i see Hermione kissing a guy, a real romantic scene of her with.. i dont know. Harry Ron or any other Hogwarts guys~~~~~ XD 

Wakdol Scene
a guy was talking to Sweets, then he askd me
guy: ni boyfriend kau eh? 
i able to examine his expression when he asked the question. and i know i have to knock his face by saying

did i disappoint u? lol. whats the bloody wrong with me and Sweets are together? why is it so hard for them to believe it? whatever. idgaf.


off to Sunway for a movie. i didnt have my breakfast and lunch, so that time i was fucking bloody hungry. it was around 1600+ so i went to 1901 to have a hotdog. reminds me of Ali, i remember she loves to buy hotdogs in 1901. i ordered something that has to do with Deutsch because it has whipped potato in the hotdog. after the movie, we went to A&W to have waffle and the root bear float. then went to kfc to buy whipped potato because i was craving to have whipped potato after eating the 1901. while walking back my mind was thinking about sushi. then off we go in Jusco, to buy sushi!
i love sushi
i just love how the wasabi 'reaction' flows out of our nose. wow. ahahaha. there was no individual salmon sushi, i guess it was all sold out. so i only managed to eat one piece of salmon sushi. hmph. but im satisfied to get to eat sushi today

however, i need more sushi