Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hectic Comes Alive

i was so bloody busy since last sunday. there was so many things to do. i know i've been saying the same phrase over and over again
there's so many things to be done
idgad. n i have to find a cartoon based tee or top for my next english club meeting. where the hell im going to steal a cartoon top la?
me and Sweets wearing the superman tee
awwww.. we will be the best damn thing that their eyes have ever seen :)))

yesterday superman and lois lane craps
sweets: lets have sundae
me: ok. sundae. but its tuesday??
sweets: *confused*
me: ahha sundae.. sunday. lets eat in tgi friday. but its tuesday. hahaha

i had my practical test 2 in PLC. programmable logic control. its a tough subject, well for me, where we learn on how to make a program. its mind challenging and brain cracking when it comes to create a hard program. i get to complete my program first
first among the others. hehe. it feels so fucking great. fyi, im the only girl for the first session of the test. at least im being competitive *wink* 

at the same time as my test, Sweets in having his final year project presentation. aww...  too bad it interferes with my test.