Saturday, November 27, 2010

New House

i arrived Ipoh yesterday. it was my first day to be in my new house. my family have to move to a new house because my dad is not working under 2RRD anymore. he's not the CO,chief officer, anymore. so we moved to a double story bangalow nearby. even though our previous house is a single story, but i still love that house because its bigger. ahaha. 

i didnt do much today. i cleaned Munchkin up, my cat. i drive to a nearby animal store to buy the litter sand for our cats. i drove quite recklessly safely. LOL. i like to be rebellious when im driving. AHA!

allie: u didnt press the brake when cornering?!
me: hehe. i did

i freaked allie out with my driving skills. i like to drive our toyota ipsum, its smoother and bigger than my sis car, kelisa. this is a random fact. my mum cooked Assam Pedas for lunch.
its like totally heaven when im home. i dont have to eat economy rice. i get to eat delicious-guaranteed dish. i get to munch whenever i want. even i get my Cekodok ikan bilis/anchovies fritters during my tea time. 

Sweets said his lappytop is having a problem *sigh* i miss him so much. we didnt skype last night because both of us were busy. i was cracking my head for my essay and he was busy with his documentation. he's doing his work in his friend's house. he's sleeping on the floor.
dont hurt urself