Friday, November 26, 2010

Jaya One

it was my last day with ms Shahreena, my English tto for this semester. awwww, i wont be listening to her accent anymore.
im not sure : im not shoo-are
she's the best yet.

at 1200, Rachel and Abg Long sent me to the komuter station. i need to go to PJ to take my sis, Ali, graduation pictures. i met Sweets in Sentral. i brought along my laptop, thought he might arrived late. i wasted a lot of time during my purchasing of train tickets *sigh* then went to KFC for twister. there was so many people queuing. but i queued. i waited patiently for my turn with the glorious smell of the chicken.. *sigh* then when there was only two person in front of me, i received a msg from sweets
im on my way
wth. omg omg omg. i went a bit kanciong because i waited for so long and its not worth waiting if i didnt buy a Twister. aha! once i get hold of the twister, i run to the pickup area. 

we didnt get lost on our way to the Fotorex Portraits in Jaya One, PJ. near UTAR. well, i memorized the map. me and Sweets googled map n the morning for the place. but he didnt remember. he almost went to the road to UM ahaha thank god im Erika Quah. lol. Jaya One is quite a cool place. love the environment with the exquisite and luxurious restaurants. its the rich and famous area i guess. aha!

had sour cream pretzel. we ate it when its cold, so i crossed it out. dont eat it when its cold, it taste like Pringles *green face*