Wednesday, November 24, 2010


yesterday we, me and Sweets, went to the mines just to have our lunch. lol. i have test at 1430-1600. i didnt have my lunch because there wasnt enough time for me to eat peacefully. after the test, i straightaway get ready for my date with Sweets :) maybe we are bored with Alamanda, thats why The Mines is out next target to waste out time there.

then i had mcd nuggets for dinner. its from Sweets. at 9 something, i wanted to eat burger. then lovely Sweets again sent a burger to me. i think its my upcoming menstrual cycle that increase my appetite. my hormones are not stable. i hope not my mood. ahaha. Sweets always be super EXTRA careful during my pre-menstrual cycle period. 

this morning class went well. i got my malaysian studies individual and group assignments. at first i decided to go home this weekend. then i got freak out by the assignments and straightaway
i repeat
straightaway call mum and told im not going home. awwwww... pity my family misses me so much. ahah..

today i have an appointment at 1400 with my bro, called him Abg Bani. i had lunch with him, together with Mufidah. he came early in my collio at 1415, which is my predicted time, but his handphone went LaLa after he calld mum. no wonder mum said he didnt call back which is a bit weird. so he waited 15mins in the girls cafe. and i waited in my room. thank god his cell went back alive and quickly give me a call. that time was at 1435. 

its been a while i didnt go out with him, so today's outing is quite fun. we laughed a lot. idk, i enjoyd it. he's like chipsmore. there's a period of time u are going to meet him frequently, then vice versa it ur own. ahaha.