Sunday, November 21, 2010


me and Sweets went to The Mines on Friday. went there just to eat Carls Jr. because Sweets havent eat there like for a very VERY long time. once arrived, we straightaway headed to the place because we were so damn hungry, the night before, we only ate Mcd. LOL. and both of us didnt have our breakfast. i ordered guacamole bacon burger and he ordered western bacon cheeseburger. mine was huge but thank god there's Sweets *giggles* its delicious and completely making ur tummy 'fullhouse'. 

its so big, it might make u sick LOL

we are serious about the subjective questions. forget the rest AHA

look at the melted cheese~ yummeh!

they'll surely gives lotsa guacamole! 

Koko crunch duo. this sentence is not originated from me LOL

it feels so good to be the one who breaks ur marathon for not eating Carls Jr. for a very VERY long time. 

in The Mines there's a lake cruise, while drinking our Bubble strawberry milk tea, we spotted a boat with a table for two. so it must be a cruise with a romantic candle light dinner! how cool is that.
him: lets try that
me: our anniversary? well, if we last.

aha! as if we are married. noooo,what i really meant was, if we managed to keep our relationship for a year, then why not try the Sunset Dinner Cruise :D im soo going to bring up this if we last. i hope we do :)

then we went in Nichii, i asked Sweets to try on a cool short. seriously, its so nice till i want to buy it. well, not for me, for him of course :D so we went to the fitting room. met this indian girl. she open a rail that separated the guys part from the girls fitting rooms.
me: can i go in there too *referring to the hallway*
d girl: sure sure.
me: *realized the message isnt that CLEAR* ohh, kat luar sahaja. bukan dalam. 
d girl: *nod and smile* u cina ke? 
me: yes (i didnt reply properly because was still embarrassed by my 'can i go in there too)
d girl: ohh, then u masuk Islam la.
me: ehh, i memang Islam. my dad is a chinese
she didnt get that message

d girl: aih, ur husband? *referring to Sweets >>in the room*
me: *startle* ehhh,bukan husband la! boyfriend. dia melayu.

the question here..
do i look like a person's wife?
ahahahaha.. ish ish ish. rather than do i look old? bwhahaha. btw, it looks good on Sweets.  the shorts *wink*

i googled about the mines Sunset Dinner Cruise. O_o its RM 499.00 per couple. ahahahaha. forget about it, Sweets. find another place for a romantic candlelight dinner. or OR maybe MAYBE u cook for me. its cheaper, economical(dun ask me to relate that LOL) n much more romantic?