Thursday, November 18, 2010

Total Dead Place

i'v got to do something in my collio. the cafes are not open today! well,in the morning. now(evening), its open.
wat the heck
im like so bloody starving for not having a proper meal yesterday. i ate Instant noodles for lunch and nuthing for dinner. well, thankgod Sweets sent burgers and ice lemon teas for me and Rachel, n its almost midnight that time. my collio really need to have chinese and indian stalls. or maybe allow the chinese and indian to own a cafe here. if dont have chinese or indian applying to open a stall here, then FIND them. lol. 

god knows this pity lil erika is starving. aha! WakDol is open(which at the other side of the road) and thank to the max god! if not i will be bloody pissed off and might bomb the Admin Office *exaggerating* i asked Mufidah, to buy my lunch because she's at the cafe having discussion. she chuck in so much rice for me and surprisingly, i finish all of it with not a piece of rice left. 
i was freaking starving!

then class at 2. there were 14 of us out of 22. 14, i repeat. aha. i told Sweets, 15. heee. at least half of the class present. phewh... because some of them still want to take advantage on skipping this class eventhough the holidays is over. i hate people who skips class. and yes, thats include u, Eija. HAHAHA. eija is like my best mate ever. due to that, i dont hate Eija that much
but Eija, i still hate u for not coming to class to day :P

i was dismissed at 6. we have finished our syllabus. im so glad! i just found out that the questions in Islamic Studies final paper, doesnt based in the notebook that much. or should i say at all. yes, offensive. IDGAD. i mean wat the fuck. then we listen to ur lecture for what? i know its for our life but wat the fuck.wat the fuck. i cant believe it. at least have the willingness to let us 'flying in colors', getting good grades. thats not helping at all. whats the main purpose of studying?
to get good grades!
to apply it comes after that~ everybody knows that. its cliche to say u only study in college so that the knowledge u'll get, u will apply it in life.