Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Wish

its Raya Haji, and my college is a dead place. the cafe is close, there's barely more than 10 people in my building right now.

i watched two episodes of GG4 just now till i have headache. LOL. im using a broadband that has a limit of 5gb per month. i hope i wont exceeds the limit by the end of this month. i've been skyping a lot lately and youtubing and those two GG episodes will definitely consumed many of my gb(watever u call it).

im in an episode where Chuck and Blair are fighting against each other. i hate Juliet. Nate is cute. Dan is cute. but watching the war of Chair, its not that interesting. maybe not YET. yaa! im a bit outdated but wat the fuck.
im erika quah

i tried to call the person who rent his car, unfortunately he's in his kampung. and someone is not around, well why should him. im like all of sudden asking for a favor. ahaa. and Sweets is in kl. i thought he will come and surprise me. like surprise~ im at UP. but nope. he didnt. a bit of heart breaking. lol. to wish ur guy to be that romantic is hard. but rachel's guy is off the hook. he came all over from Tangkak(wherever that is), just to send rachel to clinic. how cool is that.