Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pilots of Fighter Jets

yesterday was freaking awesome, well because i had my lunch in PappaRich and my dinner was RotiBoy. lol. n we watched Skyline. we didnt plan to watch movie because we just watched Megamind last friday? ya,its last friday. lol. i forgot. 

Skyline is not that interesting, i hate the ending.ahaha. surely got the sequel of the movie because it ended that Jarrod has turned into a so-called-alien. the so-called-alien invaded LA, n took all the humans for their brains,which i dont know why XD its like 80% of the movie, the heroes and heroines try to run away from the alien. then 20%, at last,finally, in the end, they got eaten *applause* because i was like;
when are they going to get eaten by the bloody aliens
after 80%, the aliens managed to eat them n woa-lah~ they are in the base-alien-body. or should i call it the boss body,watever,u know wat i mean.ahaha. why am i telling u this..shesshhh..

Skyline is available in cinemas 

sorry for the 'sh*ts'. ouu,i bought myself a headphone with mic. wait to be more precise, Sweets bought me a headphone because the money came out from his wallet? LOL *wink* 
YAY! now, i can Skype easily with my dad. well, sweetness too :)) we took quite a long time to choose the headphone. OH! we bought two!
two headphones
one for him, one for her
awwwww..now we are having the same headgear :D

well its not Logitech or Alienware, just a normal quality assured headphone. AHA! i look like a pilot of a fighter jet when wearing it. coolio~ XD wait i should rephrased

we look like a pilot of a fighter jet wearing it

tomorrow is Raya Haji, hence Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all muslims. its so peaceful here because almost everyone is at their kampung by now. i decided not to go back because i just went back home last weekend. thank god there's Rachel in the house~~ 

i got laksa and lontong in the house~~~ Nana, my roomate, who lives nearby sent me those food. she is so kind to send us food. n she gives us like a LOT. A LOT. how do i stress more on the amount of LAKSA she gave us.

however. awwww. im so grateful to have a friend like her. 
im currently skyping with Sweets. sumone wants me to write about it.