Sunday, November 14, 2010


Saturday 13/11/2010
some one being so melodramatic which influence other mediocre minds to go against me.
no offence.ahaha

had my lunch with Sweets. ate seafood fried rice. the one in sarawak is still the best. i ordered 3 layered tea. they put so much gula melaka. thank god its not too sweet. still drinkable. lol. we talked in the restaurant. its like the longest talk ever. the environment is nice because its air-conditioned and its comfortable.
me: what's the color of the wall?
him: pink?
me: *pause for a sec* chocolatey pink
him: there is no such color
me: well, we created it. i mean. me.

at night, i chatted with mum and daddy using skype till midnight. i chatted till i have a very severe muscle pain after skyping. i sit at a very bad posture. bloody hell. i felt like i want to die for a while then comes back alive. because its a total agony. seriously. at 0130++ i ate panadol for muscle aches(the one that Sweets bought). 

Sunday 14/11/2010
woke up early due to a wake up call. a call from Jiejie. informed me that our house banjir. flooded. and 2 kittens drowned. its munchkin's. poor baby.. munchkin didnt managed to save the 2 kittens. she only managed to save 3 others by bringing the 3 on top of the cage. WAAAAAAARGHHHH. this is total sadness. i cant imagined watching ur kids drown in front of u. munchkin, u might think u r weak in protecting ur kids, but u did ur best. she's still traumatized by the incident, Ali told me. 

had nasi ayam for lunch. i love the fried chicken, taste almost like Mamak's fried chicken. and im suppose to buy microphone so that dad can hear me during skyping. *sigh* dad cant hear me,only can see me. i can hear and see dad very clearly.