Wednesday, November 10, 2010


i listened to the best lecture so far during my malaysian studies class. we learned about democracy.
rule by the people for the people
there were so many interesting topics came out during the class. i think one day, Malaysia, will be practicing full democracy.hehe. like my Sir said, freedom is what the people runs for. freedom to talk. freedom to choose. speaking about choosing. In a democracy country, the people has the right to choose their own religion, but in Msia, the Malays has to be muslim and those who marries a Malay has to convert to muslim because they are in the Constitution. one thing that my Sir has opened my mind is about my perception on Malaysia as an Islamic country. malaysia has not become an islamic country because the Constitution is higher than alquran. i dont know how to say in a proper sentence.

for example, a law can be amended even though in alquran it is prohibited/haram as long as it doesnt clash with the Constitution.

well,enough of the education part. aha. i was suppose to have dinner with Sweets but i cancelled it have no mood to eat with him? 
ahahah. im so bad. actually i have discussion with Syamim at 8.30pm, so at first i planned to not have my dinner. but then at 8.15pm, i was hungry and i asked Jo,my roomate, if she's hungry too. apparently, she is too. and there goes my plan to skip my dinner
its not my fault that she's hungry too. hehe
i had mee goreng/fried mee. after eating, i did my discussion with Syamim. after the discussion i was filled with remorse for cancelling my dinner with Sweets. i sent him a message to ask him whats his position. he didnt reply.
there goes my pay back time. LOL. i wanted to treat him mcd ice cream for being snobbish. but he didnt reply.

i have a big test on friday. islamic studies. rumors were saying its an open booked test. hopefully its true. after the test, we have presentation on GAY. im doing the part where i have to explain the ways to prevent the issue from spreading & evolving and the conclusion.