Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Busy Life

i experienced the most busiest time of my life. im now in semester 3,my second year. wow. its freaking stressful.. pray for me to be able to get through this ;)

i dont have class today. it has been cancelled due to the meeting held for all the staffs in my collio. i was suppose to cancel my reservation for the auditorium for the ELC meeting but
how to cancel if they are busy till 6.30pm??
i hope they call my advisor about it. hmph. i should put on a bullet vest in case someone wants to shoot me. LOL. 

i woke up early today.well, is 0718 early for u? it is for me ahaaaa.. i set my alarm at 0800. i had my lunch with Sweets, we both ate Nasi Kerabu. a new meal in the cafe. quite okay. n we had yeemee hotplate for dinner, also a new meal in the cafe. i hope they will introduce more new food, like grilled steaks or salmon? aha! no no, not suitable. maybe SATAY~ yessss. satay. or chee cheong fun. 

i have not much to say right now,maybe it has been depleted due to all my assignments. ahahah. i watched taylor swift in Ellen degeneres show. she is soooo cute and adorable. check this out if u r a big fan of Swifty~