Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Best Advise Ever

i asked for help when im in trouble. its been terrifying last few days. i think its the Halloween. LOL. my sister has six sense. ahaha. she knows im having a hard time *awwwww thats sweet* and then she said the best phrase ever

never let go of something when u r not ready to let it go

i know i sound so jiwang right now but wat the heck. IDGAD.

enough of emo stories. lol. it was a girls out yesterday. me, Eija, Fatihah and Mufidah rent a car to go to the bank and buy some stuffs. we didnt plan to go to Alamanda but we went there. i bought my laundry soap. we wanted to watch 'Life as we know it', if not mistaken thats the title of the movie. the one josh duhamel n katherine heigl in it. but the movie wasnt on show on that day. wth. so no movie. aha!

today went well.i ate nasi lemak for breakfast
i know. i dont like nasi lemak but i was soooo hungry. my last meal yesterday was at 5/6pm. and of coz i will turn into a dangerously starving grizzly bear the next morning(which is this morning).

*third person point of view
someone treats Erika a Green Tea Latte today. and he ordered Caramel Machiatto. just like Erika ordered before and share with him. aha!

wait. i left out the most important person ever. LOL. miss safrina~~ we spent our evening with her.

i gtg. i have to do some exercises. YIKES. good night~