Monday, November 1, 2010

Agonizing Moment

its so hard to react when my friend realized im not so into my studies right now. then my mum was mad at me for spending too much time with Sweets.

its so sickening when u find out ur mum is mad at u

i went haywire and decided to break up with Sweets. it was a bloody hard thing to do. i have to because im afraid of my studies and parents. what i know is i should avoid making my parents mad at me or disappointed in me.

even though i still care about him, its just something that must happen because im totally suck in relationship. i dont know how to handle things, its like im making it worst. not solving it. besides that, i didnt think straight. my mind was absent last few days. confusion and pressure and anger and concern; all mixed which result in an unacceptable way of acts.

the evil Erika appears when she stress to the max. all the things she decide/say is way out of humanity of the mankind. she's a beginner in this type of situation and she hopes he will forgive her for what she has done. if he didnt accept her back, she dont mind but please forgive her for her foolish, dumbest, ridiculous action.

she's sooo sorry. gomenasai *hugs n kisses*