Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Menstrual Cycle

i had my malaysian studies test 2 this morning. and the question was;
what is the role and contributions of the Japanese Occupation on the nationalistic movement especially among the Malays?
wow. i remembered the question. that coolio~ ahaaa. it was a tricky question because it tricks me. lol. i was concentrate on the role and contributions but ignored the nationalistic and among the Malays. i was like what the heck im doing?? i went kanciong and tried my best to find the exact answers. ouuu, it was an open-booked test, so we are allowed to refer books during the test.

i skipped my lunch because me and ija did our Electric car jack casing box. evening class at 2. it was a total sleepy hours before the break at 4pm. i bloody took a 10mins nap.
serious 10mins nap
is that bad? well, the class was a practical class. there are benches. each bench has 2 PC and 2 PLC. my bench was the most inner part, quite unnoticeable *coff cough* i was having a severe tummyache since i skipped my lunch. so when Sir asked us to do an exercise using PC, i started to take my nap on the table(bench) because it was bloody painful. so i lay my head on the table with my face facing my left. then facing straight. then i woke up. tadaaaaa.. it was a 10mins nap. i said it was a nap because i didnt remember what happened during the 10mins. KEWL!
it was good to sleep around 10mins because i didnt feel any pain after my nap. so sleeping is quite the remedy for every problems. LOL.

then i was supposed to have dinner with Sweets but he fell asleep. i called he didnt answer and i have a club meeting at 8.30pm. he was late to reply my call and msg at 7.45pm.however, its too late to go out and to have my cantonis kueyteow *sobs* argh.fuck it. 

bought dinner. and it was spicy. thats when the cursing scene happens. cursing alone. LOL. and i was a wee late for the meeting. again. eff my day.

my dad's flight is at night. YAY! so i dont have to skip class. btw, dad's going to Lebanon for the United Nation(UN aka PBB) mission. he's going to be there a year. yikes. 

im having diarrhea. well i assume because... my stools were...urgh. nvm.