Sunday, October 24, 2010

Total Sweetness

sorry for not blogging for a few days. i went to Ipoh last thursday night to get an H1N1 vaccine on friday. it was bloody painful after the needle was out from my left arm. during the process of injection, there was no pain at all. so my left arm went a lil swollen and is swollen till today *sobs*

oh! on wednesday night, me and aizul had dinner with Sony to plan our saturday. we ate in the guy's cafe. sony took two pieces of huge chicken.. she can eat! :) well,im glad she can because not all tourist like malaysian curry/dish. and and horribly there was no PROPER fork and spoon in the bloody cafe
is that even make sense???
* exaggerating*
they only provide plastic fork and spoon. wat the eff. how the heck am i going to eat my bloody drumstick? serious shit, its not cool. and i dont want to blabbing bout this so much. ahaaaa~ so having my hell time eating my dinner
me: *make a pity-cat-eyes-face at Aizul*
him: ... *look at me and straightaway peel off my chicken for me*


well,i didnt askd him to do that. its quite...adorable. ahahaha. OH! i broke my spoon for the first scoop. what a scene. shesshhh~ then Sony noticed my white gold ring. and she thought i was engaged. AHAHA. then i said its a style/fashion.. 

on saturday, went to klcc to go to the klcc bridge but the tickets was sold out. what a pity. so i suggestd to go to the Petronas Gallery. so off we go to the gallery of arts. i love certain paintings in there. someone doesnt like the walk in the gallery because it was full of arts. AHAHAH. 
him: i tak faham la painting ni
me: of coz, we are not arts students. we are engineer.

waiting for Syaz is like waiting for a King to arrive. LOL. when Syaz arrived, we went to Lowyat to find Sony a laptop. while walking in the lowyat, she meet a group of three turkish. phewh! happy for her to find turkish friends. they are studying in UIA. lastly, Sony bought a mini laptop. white in color. and its samsung. and its cool.