Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Registration Day

its the day where the students can enter any club they want and as for the member's of the clubs, they need to prepare for their place/booth. and yeah, we didnt prepare much for the English Language Club because simplicity is our thing. 
we strut with it
but we have our TEMPORARILY logo.besides, we planned to do a small notebook with our fabulous logo on the front and give it to all the people who join the ELC. or OR a button. idk. its a plan.

so i woke up early. wait. to be precise, a message from Sweets wakes me up. eventhough it is just a vibration, i should say its a very STRONG vibrations just underneath my right ear. hehe. we went to the hall together and was the first to be there. that is a surprise because our president planned to be there on 7.30
*coff cough*
ahahah. and Mad LOVE emma watson. in case u've been living under the rock, its Hermione Granger in Harry Potter. and he just knew she's studying in Brown Uni. in USA. i know that like ages ago, and almost planning on pursuing my studies there because of her. LOL. but BUT i've changed my mind, i want UK. hehe. 

i had lasagna for lunch and share it with Sweets. we ate in the hall. it was quite okay, eatable. and someone,ermm,to be precise a guy bought Erika a drink,ice lemon tea. ahahaha. and someone was jealling about it. ahahah. this is so funny. 

besides having all the clubs booth, there was also a blood donation campaign too. and to be true, i feel sick seeing people's hand get tortured. its just too sickening for me. ahaha. yes,im afraid to needles but no, im not afraid of blood. i even feel the pain when looking people awing/ouching.

dad just called and said i need to be in Ipoh on friday to get my H1N1 prevention injection. thats a surprise. and i have to be back here,in kL, by saturday because i made a promise to Sony. to bring her jalan-jalan around kL. so,its going to be hectic but thats how it flows.

New System of Life

i planned a new system for *coff cough* my life.ahaha. i told Sweets, i need to balance back my studies and the time spends with him. i came our with hangouts ONLY on the weekends.and as i predicted, he thought i was going to dump him. LOL. im not going to leave u, sleepyhead~ im the one who is suppose to be worried of being dump because u have a lot of reasons to dump me, such as
im unpredictable
im not sane when im stress
i like to surprise u with unexpected stuffs
etc etc
both of us worried of being dump by each other. awwwwww. LOL. 

my parents is in kL right now. dad is going to get a pingat/medal from the King. im not sure of the medal's name
i am proud of u! mummy is wearing her stunning turquoise Baju Kurung(well thats wat she told me) i hope she is going to put on a great heels with it *wink*

my sore throat is getting worst because it comes with dry cough as well. however, thank god i didnt cough a lot. phewh. but BUT when i sneeze. SNEEZE makes my throat being cut with lots of blades. 
ahahha. fucking painful man~~ and yes. i like to exaggerate stuffs. its me. 

i had hot honey lemon just now and i think it was from the heaven because it heals my throat in a snap. and not just my throat, even my headache. 

now u can predicted how well is my system of life going on. LOL. it takes time. im going to make it. i might be weak in the beginning, but after a while, i will be able to live with it.hopefully. ahaaaa