Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sore Throat

friday: the english club having an activity. before the gathering starts i have to wait in front of the hall because i posted in facebook that the gathering will be there. our advisor last minute change the venue for the gathering which in RDC building. so i stand in front of the hall, hoping that at least one person reads my post. LOL
sadly, NOBODY reads my post. -_-' the activity was fun, it requires us to answer some questions. some of the questions written by SOMEBODY need a lot of thinking such as
why does a platypus lays egg?
@#&$(@*&$@ ROFL. because its the god's will? or maybe it was borned to be that way? or maybe the duck's genes is stronger than the mole's(platypus is believed to be a crossbreed of a mole and a duck)

ahahah. my questions was What color do u like and why?Do u think becks n posh will be together forever and ever and ever. mad question is interesting because he asked What makes our life worth living for? it will be my PARENTS. they are my inspiration every morning, thinking of them makes me break through anything to get what i wanted to achieve in life. letting them down will be the worst nightmare ever like what i've done for my SPM. hehe. well, i know people will say 'get over it'. but sometimes u cant get over it because its in our head. sheshh. and this semester scares me because SOMEBODY said most of the student's GPA decreases in semester 3. *sigh*

saturday: Me and Aizul have to be a 'tour guide' to a student from Germany that doing her practical in GMi. thank god she speaks English. we were good, we understands each other and if a question/a statement is hard to understand we will say 'forget about it' in a funny way. LOL. her name is Shoogul if not mistaken. 
sorry if i spell ur name wrongly
we called her Sonny. SOMEBODY keep on uttering Sonia. ahaaa. overall, she's a cool person. glad she's a happy-go-lucky person.

today(sunday): my legs are bloody painful due to the excessive walking yesterday. LOL. and i am hungry! i ate Roti Naan for dinner. i think i better have my breakfast now. and oh. having sore throat right now. 

*my tummy is talking to me*
*this is not a joke*