Friday, October 15, 2010


my life has been so hectic nowadays,i didnt have time to blog. 
gomen gomen
i even stopped playing my CafeWorld in facebook. wow. thats a surprise because CW is very addictive. for me. 

there's nothing interesting happened so its a bit hard for me to think on what should i write for today's post. urgh. maybe about my lunch. AHA. i ate economy rice with Daging masak Assam Pedas.
heard of it?
surprisingly my friends never heard of Daging masak Assam Pedas. its Spicy Assam Beef. lol. come to Malaysia and u know what dish im talking about *wink*

i have 3 presentation to be done *die* first is application of sensor, second is about my islamic studies, lastly is about my project(electric car jack). oh gucci,i hope i will survive throughout my semester 3. i still remember this situation
dad: make sure not every semester ur GPA is decreasing
me: ok *feeling guilty*
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. *sobs* i got 3.88 for semester 1 and 3.74 for semester 2. this is such a heartbreaker if IF my GPA decrease for semester 3. 
*touch wood*
lets build a time machine! gtg.