Friday, October 8, 2010

2 is the Best

i went to kl sentral with sweetness last wednesday to buy my train ticket to Ipoh. it turned out to be a waste of time because the system was down.
so we went there for nothing. huishh. however, i like the ending part. lol. scratch that.

yesterday was awesome due to something great happen. heee! and number 2 seems to be a lucky number for yesterday. it is also awesome because i had cheese nan for dinner. AHA! i love cheese nan.

so today~~~ took the bus to Ipoh, fed up on going to sentral to buy the train ticket. Sweetness sent me to the bus station. we went early and ate our lunch together. in the bus i was messaging mom to tell her this:
mummy,im arriving.please be quick, i need to shee shee urinary bladder was bloody full. then she didnt reply. something is wrong, so i called. 
*the number u hav dialled.......
wat the heck~~
quickly called dad to fetch me, even im still in the bus. but im arriving~~ and i cant hold my pee any longer.

had kuey teow soup for dinner, someone had sirloin steak for dinner
however,i love mum's kueyteow soup. ahaa :P i drove the car to the city to fetch my sister from work. it was an awesome experience. this is my first time actually to drive to the city with lots of car. im having problem in placing the car at a suitable place between the two road lines. the car was too huge for me
well,im going to get use of it. i just need more time and practice. practice makes perfect

latest mandiction
joseph gordon levitt. he has this one figure that makes ME go Lala