Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Red Carpet

had a Jamuan Hari Raya with Miss Safrina yesterday. we, the english club, is organizing it. it was soooo damn tiring. i cooked spaghetti bolognese for our club. thank god our club only has around 15 members. when i was in faiq's house, cooking the spaghetti. our advisor called and said that there's people outside the hall 'camping', waiting for the registration. it was 5pm. 
i thought we only hav to be there at 6!
so i was kanciong and totally loco after the call. ya laaa... somebody has to be in hall. and i was in faiq's house at that time. shit. then Mad told me he was in the hall.
relieved sesangat
and there was no one camping outside. good to know that. *swt*

it was secret recipe's carrot cake and chocolate moist cake(if not mistaken) bought from Shaz, the classy guy with dark shirt and Farhan, the guy with his iphone(sayaFon) LOL
aizul: wait wait
me: let him be~~
<3 and yes. we are in a relationship. so stop wondering. LOL

during the whole event,we were quite busy except for someone~~~ who's wearing blue checkers. ahaa. yes. offence. i already suggested to faiq, 'someone' need to help him with his job but he thought he can handle it alone. his job is the most tiring job. pity him.
i would like to express my greatest gratitude to Faiq al-Samaraie
he's our ferhad. ahaha. he look almost like Ferhad. 

after the event, i was so bloody tired. and my hair. my HAIR, the hair stylist put super lotsa hairspray.
serius banyak kedabak
so i washed my hair, and that night was the longest bath i've ever take in GMi.then it was midnight, and i cant sleep with my hair is effing wet. i was sooo sleepy. i ended up sleeping at 2am.

today,morning class, before recess,  i wasnt paying enough attention due to my short sleeping time. hee! however, after recess, full concentration *wink* i was dismissed at 1. once arrived in my room, change to shorts and tee
and get wasted
lol. i mean
went to sleep. or nap. 2hours nap. i set my alarm. ahaaa. woke up and felt my head was heavy. as if i was drunk. watever. but a mild headache la.. and no. i wasnt drunk.