Friday, October 1, 2010

Too Much for Me

a bloody retard trying to disturb my life by sending me message and calls me EARLY in the morning. i slept late and wanted to wake up late but his STUPID call woke me up. eff it. and i sent him a very vulgar sms
i dont give a fuck

u just ruined my life and u didnt realized get a life or eff off. what the heck right~~ and lately there's SOME ppl wanted to eff my life. i have to find who's spreading my number. hmmm. watever. should i forget about it?

i've been making ketupats for the decorations at the hall for the raya party this Monday. i'll be cooking spaghetti on that day. yikes. i hope it will turns out well. wish me luck.

ate char kuey teow for dinner. the guy cooked too much, rephrased TOO MUCH, for me. this is not a lie. ahaa. then i cant finish it, now i feel bad. but wtf. its not that i waste my food frequently. 

how do i know when someone missend me a message?? i dont know if the message is for me, or he missend it. but its kinda not his type to send those messages. should i google bout it? 

tips for guys
1. if u want to know a girl, through a sms. introduce urself. dont go anonymous, girls like me doesnt like it 
2. use proper word la. not short forms.
3. never LIE. dont say she miscall u and u tries to call back. its so damn LAME~~
*coff cough*

this tips has nothing to do with my current situation. it just popped out of my mind. ahaa. have a great weekends.