Thursday, September 30, 2010

Red Clutch

i was supposed to wake up late today but end up waking up at 7. god. thats was like super early for me. because i didnt sleep well last night and planning to wake up at 9. ahaaa. 

had my maths test at 1430pm. the battleship went well. after the exam i knocked myself out for about an hour half. had dinner with Sweetness in Steven Austin, Bangi.

i hereby to tell in the worldwideweb Steven Austin Steak House in Bangi is so not cool. lol. the service is totally bad, they didnt read out our orders and they lied. u'uh. thats right. lol. so here's the story. i almost ordered Salmon but then i changed my mind to eat beef, so i said 'Ribs Steak'. i dont know what the hell the waiter heard,but he brought black pepper steak.

what the fuck right..i wont give a fuck easily, usually i'll say eff but totally pissed. LOL.

ribs and black pepper is sooo much different. if ribs and mix, i can still accept his mistake for taking the wrong order. but..urgh. when my order came, i was like this is not RIBS. and the person go back inside and bring the same plate just that he added more sauce so that he thinks we WE will not notice it the bloody difference! bloody mental. and he said 'har, ribs'. he thought we dont know what a bloody ribs are. mentalcase. soo. thankgod i was in a good mood. kind mood. nice mood. i said leave it. i'll eat it.

we went to the counter to pay, and Sweetness said ' tadi bukan ribs kan'. and the bloody cashier said ' tak, betul. ribs. yada yada yada'.....bloody mental. i feel like telling him in his face that

we are not stupid, we know what a fucking ribs looks like

*change topic*

then went to Alamanda to buy my clutch. i went inside NOSE and saw this adorable clutch and bought it.

besides that, i saw this cool shades. super nice. i want it so badly~~~ Sweetness said we are going to buy it nextime. i'll be waiting patiently the 'nextime'.