Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Plain Water

ahaaa~ i told im going to treat him water. h2o. lol. we went to PappaRich. both of us have this common ordered water in restaurant. its PLAIN WATER. ahaa. i ate ipoh kuey teow soup and he ate char kuey teow.
koay teow or kuey teow
again. i dont give a..

my battle today is okay~ not badly injured but i do have some injuries. well,its a battle. i wont go out without injuries. AHA. while i was constructing my own main circuit. wow.i feel like a pro. its ok to brag once a while. LOL. but BUT there's a mistake and my Sir was like checking while im doing it and he detects the mistake and SMUDGE my paper. well,at first he was showing NICELY la my mistake,then i didnt get it, then he went and SMUDGE my paper. as if he was so geram.. AHA. thank u sir~ after the smudging, i know my mistake. phewh~! im using pencil so its not a big deal.

i having problem with my differentiation. *sigh* i asked Farah for help. she helped me in ym. im so grateful to have somebody that can teach me. k,gtg. need to do more exercises. maths test tomorrow. :) merci farah.