Monday, September 27, 2010

Hot Season

it bloody hot out there. u can get burned, ur cells might corrode by the unhealthy sun rays and it can surely dehydrates ur body. so water is the main necessity now. wait, water is forever the main necessity in human being. 

watever. i dont give a damn shit

so my battleship went great. it was called Control System Exam. we battled using our body and mind. as for body, the fingers are used to write our answer while the mind do the thinking. alhamdulillah, i can answer most of the questions without hesitation. all i can say, it went well. 

i gave mufmuf ( pronounce it like a cute dog muffing XD) a bar of camior white chocolate with..err...i forgot the nuts name. bloody hell. watever. i dont like white chocolate, its like total opposite of black because i loveeee black chocolate. and she finished the whole bar all by herself just now. wow. coolio. its ALMOND. bloody almond made me think hard. ahaa~

i have another battleship tomorrow. it involves machines. LOL. its because the subject title is Machine and Control. i really have to conquer the battle because its a 3 credit hours subject which will have a very big effect in my CGPA if i didnt score. *cross fingers* do pray for my success.

im going to have dinner with Sweetness. yay! i think i will treat him because i owe him a lot. i havent even pay my bloody dobi stuffs. hehe. Sweets i belanja u teh tarik! lol. he doesnt like teh tarik. maybe just mineral water, u like mineral water kan?? *sniggers* orr we can eat to a western restaurant my friend just told me. they served Salmon. i'll think about it. bwahaha. 

keep tracking my blog to know what i have decide. gtg little minions. :)