Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sweet Day

my parents arrived around 1015. mum rang me at 945, told me they are on their way.
i havent even shower yet
after hung up, i dashed to the bathroom. then i put on my shorts because i never NEVER wear 'longs' in my room. i dont know what came up into me that time i was busy checking my dress and forgot to be ready when my parents arrived. to be ready means i just have to change my shorts to longs. ahaaa.

*when im kissing u my senses come alive, almost like the puzzle piece i've been trying to find, falls right into place, u'r all that it takes, my doubts fade away when im kissing u*

thats my phone's ringtone. quickly take off my shorts and throw it away like u'v seen in most movies when a person is in hurry and put on my bottoms. :D 

my parents wore brown. mum's wearing brown head cover and dad's wearing his stunning brown pants with brown top. i greeted them and salam them. dad asked how am i doing, i said fine. yada yada yada. then i hugged both my parents. i received hugs and kisses from them. ahhhh~ heaven. LOL. oh! the main intention they came over is to give me heels, toner and earrings; pearls. :) i love pearls. thank you mum! besides that, mum bought me breakfast. sweet! she bought me twister including a drink and guavas. 

i bolted the twister immediately once i entered my room. ahaha. i sound like a pig. watever. then only i realized my day upgrade to wee more sweeter when the drink is non carbonated. LOL. well, usually in fast food chain, carbonated drinks will be the common drink. 

at 1230, me and my roomates; Jieha and Linda and Syamim went to Nana's open house. her house is just nearby. i ate a bowl of laksa and a bit of nasi dagang. after eating there was this japanese lady,which is Nana's neighbour, asked me to carry her baby so she can eat. that baby is heavy~~~~~ LOL. or i didnt hold properly. watever. its very hard to hold a baby, the baby's head keep on slanted off my shoulder, so i have to hold the baby's head so his/her neck wont get injured or fragmented or something like that. 

im not complaining just telling u the experience of holding a baby. its been a very VERY long time i didnt carry a baby before. wow. 

it was extremely hot on the evening. i was sweating like hell. Linda is so tired till she dozed off with her baju kurung.ahah.sweet. i get tempted to have a nap after seeing her. its so hot and i have no mood to i off on my bed. aha!

my butt is numb right now. lol. i didnt sit in a good posture. shit. gtg minions. :)