Saturday, September 25, 2010

15 Cili Padi in a Meal

surprisingly i spent 5minutes on what to start for today's post. bloody hell. ahahaha. so here it goes....
*still thinking*

i studied maths after i woke up and had lunch at 12pm. im having problem in differentiation. ok, i sound like a stupid person. its just a bloody differentiation and im having problem in solving some questions in it. shit. this means i need help and apparently my math's TTO internet is the only source that i can rely on. this is sooooo embarrassing but still i put it here.
worldwideweb's embarrassment
ahaaaa.. however, worldwideweb to the rescue by providing me ways to solve my unsolved questions. internet ftw. 

fyi, ftw is 'for the win' not 'eff the way'. thank you. LOL

after cracking my head for maths, i aired some songs quite loud with Jieha and Kak Ana in the room. ouuu, i wrote Jieha, i used to called her Jo. so Jieha and Jo is the same person. besides airing, i did some singing. bwahahha. pity them to let their ears listen to moi lovely adorable voice. so far my singing has no pitching problem. LMAO

went to the girl's cafe to have dinner. me and jieha ordered bihun soup. in Jieha's meal there was 15 cili padi and it is super dooper hot! well what can u expect if 15 cili padi in a meal. however, she able to finish her dinner. phewh~ its been a long time since we eat together. hehe. awwwww~ i miss the time when we eat together with Nana. 

*change topic*

my parents is in kL now and they brought my stuffs. i asked Sweets to take it from them but he cant make it on time because my parents has a dinner to attend. so my parents are going to VISIT me tomorrow.